Brandeis Magazine is young at heart

Summer issue surveys the boisterous, colorful, always endearing topic of children.

Photo/Mike Lovett

In keeping with Brandeis Magazine’s annual tradition, the Summer issue revolves around a single theme, this time the irrepressible, ever-changing world of children.

Take notes from research psychologist Robert Epstein ’74, who explains why everything you believe about your teen’s immaturity is wrong.

Revisit the life and evolving legacy of Anne Frank with English professor Dawn Skorczewski, who recently taught a transnational course on the iconic Holocaust diarist.

Think about your own childhood in a new way as accomplished professors and alums explain what they learned from their youthful fun and games.

Watch Lebanon schoolchildren make friends across religious and ethnic boundaries through a storytelling program brought to them by two Heller students.

Still other stories explore the ongoing debate over mandated vaccinations, the modern parent’s surprising affinity for gender stereotyping, some tricks for turning a flighty reader into a bookworm, and the complexities of growing up Jewish in the Deep South.

Watch for the print version of the Summer issue in your mailbox soon. The online edition is available now.

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