Required reading: the Winter issue of Brandeis Magazine

Illustration of picket sign reading "Black Studies Matter" in front of a rendering of the old Ford Hall building

Warm up this winter with the new issue of Brandeis Magazine. You’ll find stories that take you down memory lane on a cold winter’s evening; bring you up-to-date on university developments, and connect you with fellow Brandeisians.

The cover story, “Hard Truth-Telling,” takes the measure of the university through the lens of the African and African-American Studies department, which celebrates 50 years in 2019. Professor Chad Williams brings to life the former students and faculty who helped build AAAS, starting with the historic 1969 occupation of Ford Hall.

Learn the secret to creating brilliant science television programming in an engrossing Q&A with Paula Apsell ’69, senior executive producer of PBS’ “Nova.” Hint: It starts with a great Brandeis education.

Meet Little Larry, one of the motherless infant chimps Amy Hayes, MA’11, PhD’19, cared for in one of Cameroon’s remote chimp sanctuaries as field research for her doctoral dissertation. In “Turning Points” you’ll find a poignant personal essay by Lew Lorton ’60, his wife’s primary caregiver as she descended into dementia.

As always, check out what your friends are up to in Class Notes, and catch up on university news, including a two-part report on the campus culture.

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