Election questions, answered by Brandeis faculty

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In the run-up to the presidential election, BrandeisNOW asked university faculty to provide analysis and insight by answering questions on pressing issues facing the country.

The responses span disciplines and expertise throughout the university. Read what they had to say:

University Professor Jonathan Sarna:
Why the Jewish vote matters

Carl Shapiro Professor of International Finance Peter A. Petri: 
What's ahead for the US trade relationship with China?

Heller School Dean David Weil:
How has the Trump administration changed labor protections?

Associate Professor of Classical Studies Joel Christensen: 
How does a nation divided against itself stand? Thinking about the US through ancient Athens

Associate Professor of Finance Dan Bergstresser:
Will the lack of federal financial support impact municipal financing?

Associate Professor Michael Doonan: 
How has Trump weakened the Affordable Care Act and how can it be strengthened again?

Assistant Professor of English Dorothy Kim:
Where do we see medieval tropes this election season?

A.K. Nandakumar of the Heller School for Social Policy and Management: 
What will it take to make COVID-19 vaccines globally available?

Professor of Anthropology Janet McIntosh: 
How does Trump use coded language to speak to his base?

David Siddhartha Patel of the Crown Center for Middle East Studies:
In the Middle East, they want to know: How will the election affect the standoff with Iran?

Professors John Plotz, Robin Feuer Miller and Michael Randall:
For election insight, Brandeis literature professors recommend these novels

Assistant Professor of Politics Steven Wilson:
What are Russia's goals with disinformation on social media?

Rosen Family Chair in International Finance Stephen G. Cecchetti: 
How should the next president get the economy back on track?

Associate Professor of International and Global Studies Elanah Uretsky: 
How could better US-China relations help fight pandemics?

Irving Fine Professor of Music Eric Chasalow:
How a professor used music to address some of America's most pressing issues

Leonard Saxe, Daniel Parmer and Elizabeth Tighe of the Cohen Center:
Could the Jewish vote decide the election?

International and global studies and politics Lecturer Lucy Goodhart: 
What can TV ads tell us about partisan polarization?

Raymond Ginger Professor of History Paul Jankowski:
Is today more reminiscent of the 1930s than 1960s?

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