Brandeis Phi Beta Kappa chapter elects 87 new members

Image of statue "The Thinker" with Phi Beta Kappa logo in the background

The Brandeis University chapter of the Phi Beta Kappa honor society has announced the election of 87 new members this year.

Phi Beta Kappa is the oldest and most prestigious undergraduate honor society in the country. Selection for membership is based on the quality of the candidates’ academic record and the breadth of their scholarly interests beyond their concentration.

“Each year, an outstanding group of students gets inducted into the Brandeis Phi Beta Kappa chapter,” said Wendy Cadge, the Barbara Mandel Professor of the Humanistic Social Sciences, senior associate dean for strategic initiatives and president of Brandeis' Phi Beta Kappa chapter. “This year's class represents all of the greatest academic qualities found at Brandeis: reverence for learning and critical thinking, an interest in engaging across disciplines and interests, and a determination to improve the world.”

Of the honorees, 79 are members of the Class of 2021, and eight are in the Class of 2022. An additional eight students in the Class of 2021 were inducted as juniors last year.

The following students were elected to Phi Beta Kappa. They will be celebrated in a virtual event on May 21:

Members of Class of 2021 (* indicates they were elected as a junior):

Breylen Ammen

Samuel Aronson*

Casey Bachman

Emma Belkin

Evalyn Berleant

Andrea Bolduc

Kaya Bothe

Sophie Brill Weitz

Alex Cao

Megan Catalano

Shufei Chen

Amber Crossman

Javin Dana

Siena DeBenedittis

Sage DeChiara

Laurel Dobkin

Marina Dreeben

Hannah Ehrlich

Olivia Ellson

Kelvin Fang

Violet Fearon

Anthony Fong

Matt Foshay

Ariella Gentin

Anushka Ghosh

Jocelyn Gould*

Caroline Greaney

Ziyi Guo*

Virginia Henning

Izzy Hochman

Zixun Huang

Sara Ji

Kwesi Jones

Aaron Kalpakian

Neeti Kulkarni

Aaron LaFauci

Roy Lee

Hongyu Li*

Jingman Li

Zhaonan Li

Yinghan Lin

Kailin Liu*

Yichen Liu

Yuning Liu

Lauren Malcolm

Emma Manoogian

Ella Mao

Margalit Mitzner

Lily Morris

Tamar Moss

Aaron Newitt

Kacy Ninteau

Siobhan O'Donnell

Claire Ogden

Amy Ollove

Jonghyuk Park

Kaitlin Polgar

Emily Pollack

Feipeng Qi

Yiqi Qiu

Shinji Rho*

Keren Ruditsky

Leah Sagan-Dworsky

Lissa Sangree-Calabrese

Adina Scheinberg

Adeline Skovronek

Justin Sohn

Yale Sussman

Rachel Sussman*

Sophie Trachtenberg*

Elias Trout

Jane Ussery

Manqi Wang

Sophia Warszawski

Jessica Wei

Adina Weinberger

Quinn Weiner

Max Weinstein

Mendel Weintraub

Rebecca Weiss

Claire West

Ruth Wyckoff

Ryan Xie

Nicole Zamora Flores

Xiao Zhong

Hange Zhu

Members of the Class of 2022:

Juliette Carreiro

Erin Magill

Danny Phan

Jenna Sandler

Cassie Schifman

Jiamin You

Ashley Young

Grace Zhou

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