A sense of place on Brandeis' campus

At Brandeis, there's somewhere for everyone to feel at home.

Solvai Lewenberg, '23, stands next to a birch tree in front of a mural on the Women's and Gender Studies buildingPhoto/Maddy DuLong '23

Solvai Lewenberg '23 stands by a mural she loves on The Women’s Studies Research Center building.

Just like the wide array of clubs, activities, and courses here at Brandeis, there are so many hidden gems on this campus to explore and enjoy as study spots, hangout spots, or simply places to go when you need to chill and be alone. The class of '23 had the chance to explore this campus for a year before COVID hit, and discovered some of those hidden gems. Some of my classmates shared their favorite places on campus so that I could share them with you; I'll be sharing more next week.

Solvai Lewenberg '23

"To be quite frank, I don’t know the name of this mural/painting (above), but it is the one next to the [The Women’s Studies Research Center] building. My best memory there would be the first time I saw the painting. I was walking home with a group of new friends from a cafe in Waltham and we cut through the cemetery and through the gender studies building to get back to campus. It was a really great day because I was new to campus and was just starting to make new friends. My friend Lauren pointed out this painting and how beautiful she thought it was, and it stuck with me. I don’t really visit this painting much because it’s really out of the way- but I love to point it out now when I do pass it because I feel like it is slightly hidden and unknown."


Murad Anderson '23, with teal hair, face mask and sweatshirt, gives the peace sign at a table in the Ziv quad

Murad Anderson '23 outdoors in the Ziv Quad.


Murad Anderson '23

"My favorite spot on campus is the tables over in Ziv Quad since it's always quiet and relaxing. It's a great place to get work done. My best memory would have to be working on a lot of assignments with the birds in the background to help me concentrate. I find myself coming here when I need clarity and peace of mind. It’s always very serene and peaceful here. I do not take other people here because I would like to maintain the quietness and serenity of the place."


An oil painting of the banks of the Charles river by Kaleigh Sislen '23

One of Kaleigh Sislen's paintings of the banks of the Charles River.

Kaleigh Sislen '23

"I've always loved the banks of the Charles River that you can walk along as you approach Grad. The scenery is beautiful and it’s always so peaceful there. The nature trails are just a little ways away too, so you can see the river and the forest around it from a bunch of different angles. When I took Intermediate Painting last fall, I did six paintings of the area. The weather was perfectly chilly and sunny every day that I went and I was able to capture the leaves changing color over the course of the project, which was super cool. It was a really wonderful opportunity for me to practice my art and meditate in nature, which are two of my most favorite things to do. I go there whenever I can, usually with company. I used to go with my whole art class, but now my friends and I will take our hammocks and guitars down there and just relax and take in the landscape. Sometimes we’ll take our sketchbooks with us and draw what we see or write what we feel. There’s something new to observe every time I’m there."


Photo/Maddy DuLong '23

Cole Nelson '23 taking in the sunset behind Spingold Theater.


Cole Nelson '23

"The place I chose as my favorite is the overlook behind Spingold Theater. I have tons of great memories of spending time with friends here, listening to music and watching the sunset, you get a perfect view from the back balcony. I find myself going to Spingold when I need time to just chill somewhere quiet and outside. I love bringing my friends to Spingold, it's a great hangout spot to unwind after class, get homework done, or just sit, relax and watch the sunset."

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