Four years at Brandeis, by the numbers

Haley Brown '22 adds up her Brandeis experience

Students pose in front of the Light of Reason with flashlights

The Class of 2022 gathered at the Light of Reason for a ceremony during their New Student Orientation in 2018.

Haley Brown 2022

Haley Brown '22

With the countdown to Commencement on, we asked this year's undergraduate speaker Haley Brown '22 to add up her Brandeis experience

Four Years at Brandeis, by Haley Brown ‘22

 If the song “Seasons of Love” from the musical Rent has it right, then one year (on average) is equivalent to 525,600 minutes. So if we do some simple math — yes, I plugged it into my iPhone calculator just to double check — in four years, I would have spent approximately 2,102,400 minutes as a Brandeis student. It’s actually probably closer to 1,971,000 minutes if I shave off the summer months after I graduate, but for the purposes of this article, let’s just say I spent about 2,000,000 minutes as a Brandeis student. Now, to modify the aforementioned song, “How do you measure, measure [four] year[s]?”

In semesters? 8, but that’s not very interesting.

In credits? 128, which is a longer number but also not very interesting.

In majors? I had 2: American Studies and Film, Television & Interactive Media

In minors? I had 3: Legal Studies, English, and Creative Writing

I’ll admit, this is not flowing as well as the song, but I’m going to keep at it!

In work study jobs? I was on payroll for 5 throughout my undergraduate career.

In essays? I wrote about 88 in four years.

In essay pages written? 452

In poems published? 5 of my poems were published in literary magazines and chapbooks.

In Roosevelt Fellow advisees? I had a total of 179 students in my caseload!

In emails? 12,558

In positions at WBRS? I held 3 positions during my time as a part of the Brandeis Radio Station.

In events hosted as Legal Studies UDR? I helped plan 6 events, 2 of which were trivia nights.

In Springfests? I was able to attend 2 – one my first year, and one my senior year!

In Cedarwood Yard Sales? 1, and it was a treasure trove!

In trips to Tree Top? 2, which feels like way too few.

In intramural sports played? 2, bubble soccer and flag football.

In Red Sox games? I went to Fenway 2 times while at Brandeis.

In birthday cakes for suitemates? 32 from Hannaford, 1 from Trader Joe’s.

In C-Store poke bowls? 10 at least

In Global Thrift hauls? 4

In plans for right after college? 0

In memories and friendships gained? Unquantifiable

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