Elmer Kountze

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A man dedicated to his country and his community…
Elmer Kountze pictured on left (The Medford Mercury 11/17/61) at an awards ceremony hosted by Medford Plan E Civic Association where he was one of four recipients of civic awards. On the right, Mr. Kountze is pictured in The Medford Mercury (5/27/65) under the caption “Man of the Moment.” This photograph accompanied an article marking his installation as commander of the his American Legion post.

A monument at the intersection of Jerome and Sherman streets in West Medford honors the efforts of veteren Mr. Elmer B. Kountze who served in the Army for over twenty years. During his distinguished career in the military, Mr Kountze was selected to attend Officers’ training in Georgia, commissioned a lieutenant in the 27th Field Artillery, and served as a Reservist with the 372nd Infantry. Mr. Kountze’s commitment to civic duty continued long after he left the Army, serving as commander of his American Legion and the Disabled American Veterans posts, and founding and leading various associations dedicated to the well-being of his hometown West Medford community. Never daunted by breaking through racial boundaries, he was the first African-American to serve as a guard at the Billerica House of Correction.**

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