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More West Medford Pictures

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more Walking Tour images
4. David Wisniewski’s photos

Dugger Park

Dugger Park

Basketball Courts

Our Tour Guides

Court Marker


testament to time

Long Road

Kountze memorial

Kountze memorial

Tour Group

Old Shiloh Baptist Church

Old Shiloh Baptist Church profile

Neighborhood changing over time

older homes get improvements

tour mascot

Sign of the (changing) times

5. other pictures with regards to the Community Center, etc.

a) a sketch of the Community Center, displayed with permission of the West Medford Historical Society
b) an initial model-design for the Center, taken with permission of the daughters of the creator (Gloria Bowens, Esther Ellis, Jean Swan)
c) a photograph of a hockey team discussed in the interview with the aforementioned three sisters (b & c taken by Kerry Walton)