Brandeis University provides students with the opportunities of a world-class research university in the intimate setting of a small liberal arts college just a few miles from downtown Boston. We truly believe we blend the best of both worlds.

Consistently ranked among the nation’s best universities, Brandeis is widely recognized for the excellence of its faculty and the quality and diversity of its student body.

The university was named for the late Louis D. Brandeis, the first Jewish Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, and it was shaped by the ideals he represented: passion for learning, commitment to social justice and equality, individual rights and concern for the world.

Experiential learning, community service and study abroad programs all are important aspects of the undergraduate experience. Internships, research assistantships and other hands-on experiences are available throughout the curriculum. On campus, students can join any of nearly 300 clubs, get involved with the large and active arts community and enjoy the spirit-filled atmosphere of a competitive Division III athletics program.

Brandeis students are self-motivated, compassionate, curious and open to exploring new and challenging experiences. They share a belief that this is a unique and special place to learn and grow.