Brandeis Alma Mater

To thee, Alma Mater
we'll always be true.
All hail to thy standard
the white and the blue.
Proclaiming thy future,
recalling thy past
our hopes spring from
mem'ries eternally cast.
With sorrows we'll leave thee,
new worlds to create.
May deeds of thy children
make thee forever great.
May deeds of thy children
make thee forever great.

Students don’t leave Brandeis when they graduate — they go on to become members of the extended Brandeis community.

The Brandeis Alumni Association and the Brandeis Office of Alumni Relations together serve the more than 45,000 alumni living around the world, helping strengthen their lifelong connection to Brandeis. Whether it is through the annual reunion and Alumni College each June, online webinars with faculty and administrators, regional and local club meetings and events or lifelong learning opportunities, there are many ways to stay engaged.

Alumni receive Louie News, a monthly email newsletter, and Brandeis Magazine, which is published three times a year.