Brandeis continues to affirm the critical role played by Theater Arts in preparing students for a rapidly evolving world. As an extension of this commitment, we will select a small cohort of intellectually promising admitted students for our Theater Fellowship with the goal of creating a small cohort of leading “Theater Citizens”. The Brandeis Department of Theater Arts is committed to developing a new generation of theater artists. We believe in uniting artistic excellence with intellectual inquiry to prepare students for the changing role of theater in our society. At Brandeis, we teach our students not only how to begin a career in the arts, we also help them to develop their artistry with the idealism of a global perspective.

The Theater Fellowship Program values the partnership of academic inquiry and artistic exploration. We believe that scholars and artists intersect and that our methods and processes complement and enhance each other. Participants will receive an annual scholarship, a one-time stipend, and gain access to various members of the Theater faculty immediately through their discussion section. Fellows will be given a unique opportunity to deepen their understanding of Theater while also exploring other academic interests they might have.

The course 10a: Theater as Performance will meet on Tuesdays from 9:00am-11:50am and fellows will automatically be enrolled in the course by the registrar upon matriculation to Brandeis. The day and time for the dedicated half-credit discussion section for fellows will be decided upon at a later time.

Perks of the Program

  • $70,000 in total scholarship funding, or $17,500 annually, renewable for up to eight semesters.
  • A $500 stipend toward an approved experiential learning opportunity related to Theater Arts. This can include an internship, research, or study abroad experience.
  • Access to Theater faculty members as mentors and advisors.
  • A dedicated half-credit discussion section of 10a: Theater as Performance facilitated by various members of the theater arts.
  • A Theater Arts Major or Minor is not required.

Program Details:

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How to be considered

Students do not need to apply for this honor. The Admissions Committee and departmental representatives will automatically consider students during our review period. Recipients will be selected based on a holistic review of their academic accomplishments and demonstrated commitment to the humanities. Fellows will be notified of their award shortly after the admission decision notification date, April 1.

Program Requirements

In order to maintain their funding and membership in the fellowship, fellows must:

  • Remain in good academic standing
  • Achieve a 3.0 or above grade point average at least once in the first two semesters of study at Brandeis, and a 3.0 cumulative grade point average each year thereafter
  • Maintain a satisfactory level of participation in the Fellowship program as gauged by the faculty
  • Take in their fall 2017 semester 10a: Theater as Performance, the required introductory course for all theater majors