Meet our summer Senior Interviewers! Each year the Admissions office selects an impressive group of seniors to conduct our on-campus interviews. They are some of the most involved student leaders on campus and love sharing their experiences with prospective students. Our seniors undergo a rigorous selection and training process to bring you the best of both worlds in your interview: a highly valued admissions representative and an enthusiastic Brandeis student.

We cannot confirm your interviewer in advance or accommodate specific requests. However, we encourage you to browse our seniors' profiles to read about their exciting accomplishments.

Nyah Macklinbethany

Major: African and African American Studies
Hometown: Connecticut

I am more than honored to get to know you, where you have come from, and how Brandeis can help you with where you want to go. Even though I am from a small city in Connecticut with family in Atlanta, GA, I have travelled to China, Tibet, Austria, Germany, and the Netherlands with my high school and previous university. These experiences gave me a more global understanding of my place in this world and the places of others. I would have say, going abroad, if you have the opportunity to, is an invaluable experience that shapes who you are for the better.

I have a background in Neuroscience and Chemistry, but I am studying with by far one of the most rigorous, relevant, and thought provoking departments that exists on this campus: African and African American Studies. I am also the President of the Student Union, so when I am not having intelligent conversations with my peers about the history of race relations both inside and outside of our campus, I am working with members of the Union to make sure that when you get to Brandeis, and when you graduate you have the voice, the team, and the tools to create the positive change necessary to improve our world. I have been in your place before so I know how nervous you might be. If you have any questions, never hesitate to ask me.

Patrick Vaughnshota

Majors: Business and Politics
Minor: Legal Studies
Hometown: Chatham, MA

I moved to Chatham (a small town out on Cape Cod not New Jersey!) when I was eight from Annapolis, MD. I thought I would like being able to drive home on the weekends, I mean the beach is right down the road, but found that I actually liked spending nearly all of my time at Brandeis instead. Since starting school here I’ve been involved with the varsity tennis program as a walk-on for two years and guided first-years through their beginning weeks on campus as an orientation leader. I’ve also decided to write a senior honors thesis this year through the politics department and am currently doing research to explore different topics. At Brandeis Admissions I’ve worked as a student ambassador, a host to prospective students, and now as an interviewer! I’m very excited to chat with future students and share why I think Brandeis is the place to be, it certainly is for me.