Meet the Senior Interviewers

Meet our summer Senior Interviewers! Each year the Admissions office selects an impressive group of seniors to conduct our on-campus interviews. They are some of the most involved student leaders on campus and love sharing their experiences with prospective students. Our seniors undergo a rigorous selection and training process to bring you the best of both worlds in your interview: a highly valued admissions representative and an enthusiastic Brandeis student.

We cannot confirm your interviewer in advance or accommodate specific requests. However, we encourage you to browse our seniors' profiles to read about their exciting accomplishments.

Joe BabeuJoe

Majors: Linguistics, Comparative Literature, and Russian Studies
Hometown: North Adams, MA

Growing up in a rural town in western Massachusetts, I faced a conundrum in my college search: I was not ready to sacrifice the small community atmosphere that I had grown to know and love, but my ideal school would be academically rigorous and in an urban area. Fortunately, Brandeis was my perfect solution. Being so close to Boston, but also home to a close-knit campus community that I knew I could thrive in, Brandeis was the only school that seemed to strike the right balance of size and community involvement.

In addition to the work that I do in Admissions, I also take advantage of many other aspects of the Brandeis campus. I am the president and founder of the Brandeis Queer Policy Alliance, an LGBTQ+ political and social advocacy group, an editor and writer for a satirical humor magazine, Gravity, and I serve on the New Student Book Forum Committee, which selects a novel each year that all first year students receive before entering Brandeis. I love foreign languages, and currently study both Russian and Japanese at Brandeis, driving me to work as a Russian translation intern for Lemberg Children's Center. Additionally, I am an Undergraduate Department Representative (UDR) for both the department of Russian Studies and Comparative Literature. Thanks to all of the opportunities Brandeis offers, it has been easy to get involved and feel like I have made a real difference in my community.

Sarah HinesSarah

Major: Theater Arts
Minors: Business and Education Studies
Hometown: Overland Park, KS

Moving from Kansas to Brandeis three years ago was one of the scariest things I have ever done. However, after my first three nights here I knew I made the best decision possible. I am constantly in awe of my friends', professors', and mentors' passion for academics, community service, and social justice. These are people who I know can and will change the world. Brandeis has truly become my home and what better way to spend my last year here than talking to prospective students about how much I love it!

Around campus you will often find me in rehearsal, as I am actively involved in the Brandeis Theater Company (run by the department), as well as the Undergraduate Theater Collective, our entirely student-run theater groups on campus. In fact, this year I will be directing the 24-hour musical (that's right, we do an entire musical in 24 hours)! I am also an Orientation Leader for the incoming first year class, a Tour Guide here in Admissions, and a Teaching Assistant at Lemberg Children's Center, our on-campus day care center. I look forward to meeting all of the new prospective students this coming year. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.