Meet our Student Interviewers! Each year the Admissions office selects an impressive group of juniors and seniors to conduct our on-campus interviews. They are some of the most involved student leaders on campus and love sharing their experiences with prospective students. Our student interviewers undergo a rigorous selection and training process to bring you the best of both worlds in your interview: a highly valued admissions representative and an enthusiastic Brandeis student.

We cannot confirm your interviewer in advance or accommodate specific requests. However, we encourage you to browse our interviewers' profiles to read about their exciting accomplishments.

Roopa Boodhun
Roopa Boodhun
Theater Arts and Economics, minor in Business
 Grand-Gaube, Mauritius

>> I am thrilled that you are looking at Brandeis University for your college education. I cannot wait to hear about your interests and stories. Here's my story! I came to Brandeis for the intellectual freedom to find my passion and for a community where people stand up for what they believe in with the utmost kindness and openness.

After taking Pyschology, Neuroscience, and International and Global Studies classes, I found my passion in the Theater Arts, thanks to Professor Marya Lowry. She taught me to trust my instincts and find what works. I played eight roles in an adaption of Macbeth for the Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Arts and will be playing the role of Christina for the first department show next semester!

I have also had a number of on-campus jobs that have allowed me to deepen my connections with friends, staff, and alumni while still giving back to Brandeis. If I am not rehearsing, I often hop on the Brandeis shuttle to go sip some hot chocolate in Harvard Square and peruse interior design books. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

Hannah BrownHannah Brown
Economics and International and Global Studies, minor in East Asian Studies
 Longview, TX

>> Hello! Thank you for considering Brandeis. During my time at Brandeis, I’ve participated in many clubs and organizations. Currently, I am the Vice President of the Student Union, an Undergraduate Department Representative for the IGS and EAS departments, the junior representative to the Alumni Board, and a Brandeis Beacon. This past summer, I studied abroad in Beijing, China, taking classes and interning with the World Food Programme.

When I’m not studying or working, I love to go into Boston with my friends to explore new places and try new foods, or stay on campus to attend shows like Mela, and participate in community service events or other activities like Trivia Night at the Stein.

One of my favorite parts of Brandeis and something that drew me to this university is the exceptionally caring and committed community. Everyone here makes you feel welcome and loved, and they care deeply about the world and pursuing their interests. This warm community has made me feel welcomed and included since my first day on campus.

I love to meet new people, so please reach out to me if you have any questions about Brandeis.

Philip CooperPhilip Cooper
Health: Science, Society, and Policy and Business
 Dallas, TX

>> I’m so happy to hear that you are looking at Brandeis to continue your education. When I’m not preparing for presentations, case studies, or doing health outcome research for my classes, you can find me on the volleyball court playing with the Men’s Club Volleyball Team, performing with my improv group, False Advertising, or relaxing with the incredible students and staff in Cru Brandeis Christian Fellowship. I also work as teaching assistant in the International Business School and collect stats for the Women’s Volleyball Team.

I wasn’t sure about what to expect coming to Brandeis, especially since it was so far away from home, but Brandeis has become a home away from home. Every day I’ve been here I’ve been challenged by my peers, professors, and staff to think differently and creatively about issues and topics I’m passionate about. The growth I’ve experienced is something I’ll treasure for the rest of my life.

I’m so excited to get to know you, and hear your own story of discovery and growth. If you have any questions feel reach to reach out.

Eric DanowskiEric Danowski
Major: American Studies, minor in Politics
 Queens, NY

>> I'm glad to see you're interested in Brandeis! I am a rising senior from Queens, New York (Let's Go Mets!) and I am majoring in American Studies with a minor in Politics. Outside of the classroom, I am the president of my improv comedy group, False Advertising, the Chief of Staff on the Student Union, and a member of the club baseball team. On any given day, you can find me refilling my coffee cup across campus, working on a graphic design project, or researching recipes to cook for dinner.

I was originally drawn to Brandeis because of its social justice mission, because I knew I could learn and interact with similarly driven people. My time at Brandeis has been shaped by the people I’ve met in clubs and classrooms, as well as, meaningful and personal relationships I have formed with faculty and staff. Every day, these people bring me joy and push me to be my best self.

I can’t wait to meet you and learn about your journey when you arrive on campus. If you have any questions about the application, student life, or anything else Brandeis related, feel free to reach out.

Jacob EdelmanJacob Edelman
Politics and History, minor in Legal Studies
 Monterey, MA

>> My Brandeis experience began unexpectedly, applying only after hearing that a distant cousin of mine had attended. Upon visiting, I discovered that Brandeis’ passion for social justice was quite special, making me fall in love with the school.

I am a rising senior, and on campus I serve as the Student Union president and a member of our admissions office. On the Union, I lead a 50-member team of students whose mission is to advocate for an even better student experience, and amplify student voices. In past years I was the president of the Brandeis Democrats, and founded the Brandeis Quiz Bowl Team.

My favorite parts of Brandeis are the people in the community. Students, faculty and staff  are all incredibly kind, smart, funny, and driven to change the world; in big ways and small. If you ever have any questions about our university, feel free to reach out.

Alvin LiuAlvin Liu
Business and Computer Science
 Diamond Bar, CA

>> It's great that you are looking at Brandeis as one of your potential colleges. Outside of the classroom, I am a Roosevelt Fellow, one of the fifteen peer advisers chosen to assist the incoming freshman class. I am also heavily involved with the Intercultural Center and the Taiwanese Student Association, where we try to bring culture and diversity to campus.

There were two main reasons I chose Brandeis. I wanted to be away from home, as a goal of mine in life is to travel the world. Brandeis was perfect for me, because it was close to the city of Boston, but far enough away to still have a college town experience. The other reason was the community. When I visited Brandeis, the people were friendly, engaged, and so active in the community that I felt like I was home. They welcomed everyone with an open mind and I was overwhelmed by the hospitality.

I cannot wait to meet all of you and hear about your life experiences when you visit campus. If you have any questions regarding Brandeis, campus life, or even just general life advice, feel free to reach out.

Gianna PetrilloGianna Petrillo
Anthropology, minor in Hispanic Studies
 Stoneham, MA

>> I am so excited that you are interested in Brandeis. I am a junior from Stoneham, MA and I am pursuing a major in Anthropology and a minor in Hispanic Studies. I am also on the pre-health track so I have had the opportunity to take a large and varied selection of classes so far at Brandeis. In fact, one of the main reasons I loved Brandeis during my college search was its outstanding science offerings as well as an incredible and diverse selection of non-science classes—the best of both worlds for someone like me!

When I’m not studying or in class I love spending time in many of my other roles on campus. In addition to being a Student Interviewer for our Office of Admissions, I am the co-president of the gymnastics team as well as an undergraduate department representative for the Anthropology Department, and I spent the summer planning the 2017 New Student Orientation. These activities have given me the opportunity to meet and get to know tons of students, faculty, and staff. They all make up a really special Brandeis community that I cannot wait to tell you about and for you to experience for yourself when you arrive on campus.

I can't wait to meet you and learn about your interests and stories. Please feel free to reach out with any questions you have about student life, the application process, or Brandeis in general.

Daniel Shpilsky

Daniel Shpilsky
Politics and Economics
 Millburn, NJ

>> Welcome to Brandeis! After a great year abroad in London, it was great to come back and continue to hear about the unique passions and interests of the students here. I learn just as much from my friends and classmates as I do from my professors.

Outside of the classroom, I am on the Executive Board of TAMID Group, a pro-bono consulting organization. Additionally, I enjoy heading over to the Gosman squash courts to hit around with the Brandeis Club Squash team. I have also previously served as the President of Judges for Israel, and cofounded the Coalition Against anti-Semitism in Europe, a student-run advocacy organization, with my fellow classmates.

I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to grow and explore my passions at Brandeis. I am looking forward to welcoming you to campus, and if you have any questions about the application, academics, where to get a good bite to eat in Waltham, or anything else related to Brandeis, feel free to reach out.

Isabella StorkIsabella Stork
Majors: Psychology and Anthropology, minor in HSSP
Atlanta, GA

>> Hello and welcome to Brandeis! I can't wait to get to know the prospective class of 2022 and to share with you all the things I love about this school. One of the small differences of attending a university in New England when you grew up in the South is snow. I was actually admitted as a midyear, which is a group of about 100 freshmen who start their Brandeis journey in the spring semester. The temperature of my move-in day was sub-zero, and, coming from the South, I wasn't familiar with either the cold or snow. Nevertheless, I have braved the weather and if you are worried about the cold, don't be. You can do it!

I have had some incredible experiences as a result of attending Brandeis. I have made my absolute best friends in the entire world, I have studied abroad in the Netherlands, and I have realized what I want to do in life: work in higher education. Since arriving at Brandeis, I have become a Study Abroad Ambassador for the Office of Study Abroad and the president of Brandeis' oldest A Cappella group, Company B. I also sit on the Midyear Core Committee that plans the midyear orientation for arriving freshmen. 
I can't wait to meet all of you! Please feel free to email me any questions you might have about student life, the application process, or Brandeis in general.

Brittany WolfeBrittany Wolfe
Psychology and American Studies, minor in Legal Studies
 Westchester, NY

>> Brandeis is my home away from home. An early decision applicant from the very beginning, I valued Brandeis’ passionate student body, humble professorship, and extracurricular diversity. Undecided initially, I explored classes spanning from the creative arts to social sciences. A quick few years later, I’m a Psychology and American Studies double major with a Legal Studies minor. I continue to explore interests even now, taking a music class and cognitive neuroscience course this semester.

To supplement an exciting class schedule, I’m involved in a variety of on-campus jobs and extracurricular activities.  To name a few, I am the Host Coordinator in Brandeis Admissions where I organize and oversee student volunteers who host prospective students for lunch and overnight visits to campus. In addition, I am the Campus Correspondent for Brandeis’ chapter of Her Campus, an online magazine consisting of featured stories, blog posts, and student profiles. Lastly, I am a Study Abroad Ambassador with the Office of Study Abroad where I advise students on study abroad programs and opportunities.

I can’t wait to be a part of your college application journey and look forward to meeting with you.