Meet the Senior Interviewers

Here are the faces of our Senior Interviewers for the 2013-2014 academic year! Each year the Admissions office hires 8-10 outstanding seniors to conduct our on-campus interviews. They are some of the most involved student leaders on campus and love sharing their experiences with prospective students. Our seniors undergo a rigorous selection and training process to bring you the best of both worlds in your interview: a highly valued admissions representative and an enthusiastic Brandeis student.

We cannot confirm your interviewer in advance or accommodate specific requests. However, we encourage you to browse all of our seniors' profiles to read about their exciting accomplishments.

Maura Boughter-DornfeldMaura

Majors: HSSP (Health: Science, Society, and Policy) and Biology
Minor: French
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

I chose to be a Senior Interviewer because of my genuine (and nerdy) love for being a student here at Brandeis. The college application process is arduous and emotionally exhausting, and I would love to provide a friendly face who can answer questions about Brandeis as well as share my own experiences that I've had over the past three, soon to be four years. I feel that Brandeis has provided me with priceless information, life-lessons, and skills to move forward with, and feel like as a Senior Interviewer I can give back by representing all that I've learned. As a midyear, I chose to study abroad in London with the Brandeis-Arcadia program, and had an incredible semester with 18 other Brandeis students. I have studied abroad in Paris multiple times, and would be elated to speak with anyone about anything French-related...literally anything.

For fun here at Brandeis, I participate in clubs such as Students for Environmental Action (SEA), I am a peer-counselor for Students Talking About Relationships (S.T.A.R.), I dance (mostly just in my room with my friends), cook meals, am a huge advocate of Real Food (Brandeis has just decided to aim to have 20% Real Food by 2015!!), and go into Waltham at least once a week. Please don't hesitate to send me any questions, or say hello!

Rachel BenjaminRachel

Majors: American Studies and English
Minors: Theater
Hometown: Putnam County, NY

In the past four years, I have come to feel that Brandeis is absolutely my second home. Every day, I am captivated by the welcoming and kind nature of the Brandeis community. I’m also in such admiration of the passion students have for their academics, service work, and other extra curricular activities. I also love that the Brandeis family truly cares about each and every student on this campus. 

Outside of my work in admissions, I also can be found in academic services where I am a Roosevelt Fellow, or singing with my a cappella group Manginah. I have also been a part of Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters since sophomore year. This past spring, I studied abroad in London, and though I had a great experience both there, and in the other cities I visited, it truly feels wonderful to be back home at Brandeis for my senior year. Working in admissions is incredibly meaningful to me, because I have the privilege of meeting and learning about the Brandeisians of the future and their families. I look forward to seeing you on campus, and sharing my love of Brandeis with you, very soon!

Daniel de Sola MarksDaniel

Major: Politics
Minor: Philosophy
Hometown: New York, NY

I chose Brandeis for its hands-on academic curriculum and the opportunity to attain leadership roles in a wide variety of activities. I previously served as a senator in the Student Union, and I am currently serving for the second year as an Undergraduate Departmental Representative (UDR) for the Politics department. I plan on having a very active final year at Brandeis, serving as a Roosevelt Fellow (peer advisor) and as a Writing Tutor and Buddy Program Coordinator for the English Language and Gateway Scholars Program.

In my free time, I enjoy cooking, weightlifting, playing club soccer, and sailing on the Charles River. I am the Vice Captain of the Sailing Team, which takes me all over the northeast to compete against other universities. This summer, I worked as an intern for a U.S. Senator, and I look forward to meeting future Brandeisians all year round!

Samantha Gordonsam

Majors: Theater and Sociology
Minor: Anthropology
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Besides being a Senior Interviewer and taking classes, you may find me rehearsing for Crowd Control (one of Brandeis' Improv Troupes), working in the Department of Sociology, planning an event in the Student Event's Office, or planning Midyear Orientation while sitting at a table in Einstein's in the Shapiro Campus Center. I also spent this past semester studying Italian and the Renaissance in Florence, Italy.

I was lucky enough to know that Brandeis was the school for me at the beginning of high school. I loved the location, the sense of community, the opportunities offered, as well as the academic courses I could take. Brandeis is truly one of the most welcoming institutions where students have the ability to pursue their passions and learn new things. I look forward to meeting you and sharing my knowledge about Brandeis.

Stefani GospodinovaStef

Majors: American Studies and International & Global Studies
Minor: Journalism
Hometown: Norwalk, CT

I really like to take advantage of all the great opportunities Brandeis offers everyday, so I keep busy as the Concerts Director of Student Events, helping plan three campus wide concerts that have featured bands like Kendrick Lamar and Fun. I am also an Orientation leader and am part of the senior Common Cause Communities on campus. This past semester I also got the opportunity to live, study and work in Paris for my study abroad experience!

I chose to become a senior interviewer because I care very deeply about the Brandeis community. I think this is one the best places to learn, grow and really find yourself and I would love to help future students to experience what I have in my past three years of college.

Julia KarantJulia

Major: Anthropology
Minors: French, English, and Education Studies
Hometown: Centerport, NY

Brandeis immediately appealed to me because of its proximity to Boston (without sacrificing a campus!), the impressive professor to student ratio, and the small (but not too small!) size of the undergraduate population. Later on, I was won over by its campus spirit, its mission of social justice, and the welcoming and helpful nature of the people I met on campus. I visited, toured, and applied to many schools, but ultimately felt the most at home at Brandeis.

In my free time, I play the French horn in two different music groups at Brandeis, watch movies, attend as many Brandeis events as I can, and go out to dinner at my favorite Waltham restaurants with friends. This past semester I studied abroad in Toulouse, France, where I lived with a home stay family and learned all about French history and contemporary French culture.

Laine MeyerLaine

Majors: Psychology and Sociology
Minor: International & Global Studies
Hometown: Westchester County, NY

One of my favorite parts about Brandeis University is the abundance of groups and activities to get involved in. When I am not in class, I am work in Admissions giving tours and interviewing prospective students. I am a Roosevelt Fellow (academic advisor), I am on So Unique Step team, and I have been involved in Orientation, the Sailing Team, and the Mountain Club. When I am not busy participating in all of these, I am an avid member of the audience for all of my friends' performances, games, and events.

I chose to go to Brandeis because of the community. I have never met a group of people who have more passion for life, for different causes, and for academics. I am inspired by each person that I meet to create goals and reach them. Brandeis is for those who are looking to work hard in their academics, but also participate in anything and everything their heart desires. I am truly looking forward to meeting you!

Reyna PlanaReyna

Majors: International & Global Studies and Anthropology
Minor: Latin American/Latino Studies
Hometown: Miami, FL

The moment I arrived to Brandeis on Admitted Students' Day, I knew it was the school for me. The warm welcome I received from students and staff members made me realize the campus is truly formed around a sense of community. In my free time, I am a tutor for TIPS (Tutoring for Public Schools) and for ELL (English Language Learners) and I am also heavily involved in AHORA, the Latino club on campus.

I am very excited to return to Brandeis as a senior interviewer after spending my last semester studying abroad in Barcelona but more importantly, I look forward to meeting and helping create the new class of Brandeisians that will continue to love Brandeis the way I do.

Mitchell SchwartzMitchell

Major: Economics
Minors: Women & Gender Studies, African & Afro-American Studies, and Mathematics
Hometown: Wayne, NJ

Brandeis has been my home for the last three years, and the place where I have had so many tremendous opportunities.  From spending my first summer in the Middle East as a research assistant for Brandeis graduate students to serving as a Class Senator and the President of Chabad to studying abroad in South Africa, I have found myself actively engaged in a world of different interests and pursuits.

My years at Brandeis have been the greatest years of my life thus far.  I chose to be a Senior Interviewer because I wanted to actively participate in interacting and discussing Brandeis with prospective students from around the globe.  This community that I consider a family is a warm, vibrant, and engaging group that I am sure you will love.  I encourage you to contact me with questions relating to anything that may be of interest to you. 

Sindhura SonnathiSindhura

Majors: HSSP (Health: Science, Society & Policy) and Biology
Hometown: Westford, MA

Apart from working at the admissions office (as a senior interviewer and tour guide), I am the Co-President of the South Asian Student's Association, an illustrator for the Hoot (one of the three on-campus newspapers), and a volunteer for the Waltham Group (I help plan lessons for students at the local elementary schools as well as tutor high school students in the area). I also love photography and can be spotted frolicking around campus with my camera in hand.

I have had an absolutely incredible time here and I am thrilled to be working at the admissions office for my fourth year. I am looking forward to meeting prospective students and families and sharing with all my experiences here at Brandeis.