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MSF Program

Master of Science in Finance (MSF)

The Master of Science in Finance (MSF) is an innovative program designed to help financial professionals advance their careers through comprehensive training in global financial markets, financial theory, analysis, and strategy. The MSF, through harnessing our core strength in international finance and economics, provides the practical, broadly-based understanding of global markets required in today's global financial environment.

The MSF degree is rapidly gaining popularity in the US and abroad – especially in light of its shortened timeline (10 courses instead of the typical 16) and in-depth investigation into the field of finance. Its curriculum encompasses many of the topics that appear on the Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) exam.

Is the MSF right for you? If you have narrowed your business and career interests to finance, possess a passion for global markets, and boast a strong quantitative and analytical skill set, then the answer is yes. In addition to full-time faculty, your expert adjunct professors also serve at the forefront of the financial field, leading companies such as Bank of America, State Street Bank and State Street Research.

Students may enroll in the MSF program on a full-time basis, registering for both evening and day courses, or on a part-time basis registering for evening courses. When planning their programs, full time MSF students should aim to start in either the summer or the fall, and then, enroll in at least two courses during the summer, four in the fall and four in the spring.

Degree requirements for the MSF may be found here.

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The best part of the job is that I don’t have set “day-to-day” responsibilities

Pia McCusker, MSF '00

"In 2008 alone, I had to visit clients in South Africa, Australia, UK, Spain, France, South Korea, and Slovenia."