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Recruiting Highly Qualified Candidates from Brandeis IBS

Recruiting World Ready Candidates

Why should you hire students from Brandeis International Business School (IBS)?  After being exposed to our rigorous, globally-minded curriculum, Brandeis IBS graduates emerge World Ready - highly skilled in vital financial and analytical tools, and prepared for the unique global challenges that major companies and organizations face today. Students graduate equipped with an education that the international marketplace demands:

  • A powerful blend of theory and practice
  • Skills to be successful in the global economy
  • A worldwide alumni network

The Career Strategies Center works closely with recruiters and companies to meet your specific recruiting and staffing needs, ensuring that you have access to the most qualified graduates. We customize recruiting strategies, make arrangements for on- and off-site interviewing, and tailor programming to enhance your relationship with us.

Explore our site to learn more about our World Ready graduates, to easily find talent relevant to your organization, post jobs or internships, and search the Brandeis IBS resume book

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