Online Submission of Your Dissertation to ProQuest

Advantages of Electronic Submission

UMI guarantees the quality of the ETD stored at ProQuest so that future researchers will see your archived dissertation just as you have created it. Your dissertation will look better on the Web, where UMI is making dissertations available to researchers. Additionally, printed copies will be of a much higher quality than is available through scanning technology. 

Another virtue of electronic submission is that you may submit from an off-campus location. If you defend your dissertation and are based off campus, you can make any necessary revisions from your home PC, finalize your document, and electronically submit by the given deadline for graduation.

Some information in this document was taken from the ProQuest Information and Learning publication, Publishing Your Doctoral Dissertation with UMI Dissertation Publishing. This publication is available here. Please refer to these guides for dissertation submission information.

Print and Electronic Access to Dissertations in Electronic Format 

Dissertations received in digital format will be processed in a manner identical to paper documents. Bibliographic citations and abstracts for these documents will be published in Dissertation Abstracts International in print, on-line, CD-ROM, and microform. Bibliographic information concerning these documents will also be made available through the UMI Dissertation Abstracts Database and to a worldwide network of online information providers including OCLC and Dialog®. The print output of the document will be microfilmed and stored with the electronic segment of the document in UMI's vaults. The PDF format of the document will be loaded into ProQuest Digital Dissertations, a digital archive of dissertations and theses. UMI Dissertations Publishing will check for document integrity and copyright compliance. If the document appears to be incomplete or if there are questions about the reproduction of previously copyrighted materials, publication will be delayed until those concerns are resolved. Access ProQuest’s Resources and Guidelines Frequently Asked Questions here.   

UMI/Proquest Submission Guidelines
  • Available here.
  • Username: dissertations / Password: publish  
  • Download guides 1-6.