Student Billing

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences does not handle student billing; rather, it is handled by the Office of Student Financial Services (781-736-4486), located in Usdan.

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance varies by program, degree, status, and citizenship. Newly admitted students are notified of their financial aid package at the time of admission and returning students are notified each summer of their financial assistance.

Information regarding financial assistance (such as but not limited to scholarships and loans) is available on our financial aid page.

GSAS Awards for Master’s and Doctoral Candidates

Information on fellowships, instructorships, grants, and travel/research funding for PhD and Master’s students can be found on our financial aid page.

Stipend Payments

Students who have been awarded fellowships or research assistantships should review information regarding their semi- monthly stipend payments, which occur on the 15th and the last business day of each month.