Did You Know that Hebrew Program...?

•         Opened a new Brandeis-Middlebury Study Abroad Program in Hebrew in Ben Gurion University in Beer Sheva, Israel?


•         Is running Brandeis-Middlebury School of Hebrew in summer?


•         Offers Hebrew Language Summer Institute on campus?


•         Offers MA in Teaching Hebrew?


•         Opened a new Hebrew track in DeLeT MAT program?


•         Annually awards $900 Memorial Ruth Gollan Prize to outstanding students of Hebrew?


•         Houses Chapter of the National Hebrew Honors Society Eta Beta Rho?


•         Offers nine Experiential Learning Courses and adds more every year?

•         Courses fulfill various requirements that include Foreign Language, Writing Intensive, Creative Arts, Non-Western and Comparative, etc?

More Hebrew Learning Options

BGU Library

Ben Gurion Library

Hebrew Program is proud to introduce new exciting ways to study Hebrew!

  • DeLeT/MAT Program:
    • Trains new generation of Hebrew Teachers, who are not just fluent in Hebrew Languaged, but well trained in second language aquisition
    • Intensive 13-months program combines academic learning and field training.
    • Thanks to the Rosenblatt Charitable Trust program offers generous tuition scholarships.
  • Brandeis University - Middlebury Program in Israel
    • Great opportunity for Study Abroad.
    • Based on the famous Middlebury immersion method of language acquisition
    • Specially designed academic program and practicum.
  • Brandeis University - Middlebury Summer School of Hebrew
    • Combination of Brandeis Hebrew Traditions and Middlebury Language School legendary reputation.
    • Intense immersion learning approach.
    • Learning Hebrew in classroom and through various fun activities.