The JBS program will not be running in Summer 2024.

However, for Summer 2024 Brandeis will still offer traditional Summer School classes both on-campus and online:

  • On-campus Session 1, Session 2 and Session O classes meet in-person on campus. These traditional summer classes will be held in regular Brandeis classrooms in the format most students are familiar with.
  • Online 5-week Session 1 and 2 courses meet in real time via Zoom and webcams to replicate the experience a student would have if seated in a classroom. There will also be "out of class" work and assignments in the course website in LATTE.
  • Online 10-week Session O course at Brandeis are generally presented asynchronously using a common structured calendar of readings, assignments, and interactions with classmates. Generally, students do not need to be online in front of their computer at set days and times each week. Instead, students have shared course deadlines for completing the readings, watching and creating videos, submitting assignments, critiquing peer work, posting original and thoughtful contributions to online discussion forums, and replying to classmates.

You can learn more about our online Brandeis Summer School classes and view the current course listings.