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Why Choose Brandeis

Brandeis is a medium-sized private research university with a global reach, dedicated to first-rate undergraduate education and the making of groundbreaking discoveries. Its more than 550 faculty members are leaders in their fields, as passionate about teaching and mentorship as they are about pushing the boundaries of knowledge. The university's 5,700 undergraduate and graduate students are motivated, compassionate, curious and open to exploring new and challenging experiences.

Brandeis was established in 1948 by the American Jewish community at a time when Jews and other ethnic and racial minorities, and women, faced discrimination in higher education. Our visionary founders created Brandeis as a nonsectarian research university that welcomed talented faculty and students of all backgrounds and beliefs. From the outset, the university focused on undergraduate education, while building a pioneering research enterprise. At its core, Brandeis is animated by a set of values that are rooted in Jewish history and experience.