Academic Calendar Highlights

2020-21 Academic Year

Please note that the university announced changes to the start of instruction and other dates for Spring 2021 on October 8th.  Those changes are reflected in what is posted below. We will update this note as soon as any further changes are decided and appreciate your patience as we continue to make adjustments due to these extraordinary times.

Highlights Fall 2020 Spring 2021
First Day of Classes Aug. 26 Feb. 1
No Classes Sept. 7, Sept. 28, Nov. 23-27 Feb. 15, Mar. 9, Mar. 29, Apr. 2, Apr. 20
Brandeis Days Sept. 10 (Monday schedule), Sept. 30 (Monday schedule) March 31 (Monday schedule)
Last Day of Classes Dec. 3 May 5
Study Day(s) Dec. 4 May 6
Final Exams Dec. 7-15 May 7-14
Commencement None May 23

Detailed Calendars