Project News and Events

Overcoming the Sexual and Religious Legacies of Slavery
Prof. Bernadette Brooten, Tikkun magazine
FEB. 7, 2013

Questioning as a Religious Discipline
Feminist Studies in Religion
Oct. 9, 2012

Prof. Anita F. Hill featured on WGBH's "Basic Black."

MAR. 16, 2012

The Opening of Women's Studies: Constance Buchanan and Women’s Leadership

Project Director Bernadette Brooten delivered "The Opening of Women's Studies: Constance Buchanan and Women's Leadership" at Harvard University, February 3, 2012.

Constance Buchanan was the Ford Foundation Program Officer under whose direction the Feminist Sexual Ethics Project first received funding from the Ford Foundation.

Hear Director Brooten speak on the Harvard Divinity School website..

Dir. Brooten with Constance Buchanan.
FSE Dir. Bernadette Brooten, Ann Braude, and
Constance Buchanan (seated). Photo: Tony Rinaldo

FEB. 3, 2012

Teleconference with Bernadette Brooten on Beyond Slavery
Women's Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual (WATER)
Notes from the teleconference.
NOV. 2011

Prof. Brooten to research early enslaved women
Susan Chaityn Lebovits, BrandeisNOW
SEPT. 21, 2011

The Maid and the Millionaire
Rep. Bobby Rush, The Huffington Post
AUG. 4, 2011

Exploring the links between slavery, sex and scripture
Barbara Howard, BrandeisNOW
OCT. 29, 2010

Beyond Slavery Conference
Oct. 15-16, 2006

Roots Uprising Dance Troupe Performs Toni Morrison's "Beloved"