Bruce Conner made the stroboscopic film triptych EVE-RAY-FOREVER for his 1965 exhibition at the Rose. In honor of the museum's 50th anniversary, the Rose has acquired Conner's 2006 recreation of this groundbreaking film experience. 

“Violently antimaterialist in character, Conner’s assmblages sweep together a motley assortment of human detritus apparently without selection; but while devaluing the importance of each object in and of itself, he synthesizes new objects from the flimsy and garish items which appear through one another like half-thought ideas, unverbalized speeches, and partially visioned fantasies.” (Rose Exhibition 1965)

Light Shower (Cat. No. 33), now in the Brandeis University collection, is one of the constructions made after the artist returned from Mexico in late 1962. It is a work that suggests Collage of 1954 in similarity of surface quality and relative lack of associative objects. It is, however, more loosely organized; and the tattered wallpaper, wires, and hooks suggest a portion of wall lifted bodily from its position. This is mitigated, though, by bits of curtain fringe along the sides of the panel that give the assemblage that quality of being made rather than found, which is such an important characteristic of Conner’s work” (Rose Exhibition 1965)  

“Conner’s movies are constructed much as are his collages, but in his films he is able to give his kinetic sense full reign. Stock films of recent events, children’s movies, the collapse of the Tacoma Narrows bridge, and the The Bomb are mingled with footage shot by the artist: a strip show, moving waffles and lemons, city lights at night, fireworks, and friends. Assembling and editing this material is a very slow process, and at one point while working on Cosmic Ray, Conner was happy to produce in one day only enough edited film to run one or two seconds on the screen. 

Image: Film still from EVE-RAY-FOREVER (1965/2006), black and white three channel video, silent, 3:45 min., 4:11min., 3:45 min. loops, edition 1/6, Rose Purchase Fund and Hays Acquisition Fund, 2011.4. All film stills courtesy of Conner Family Trust © Conner Family Trust