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In Taoist tradition, water is considered an aspect of wisdom, shaping itself to what contains it and moving in the path of least resistance. The ancient Greeks understood the power of transition that water holds; from liquid, to solid, to vapor, water is the symbol for metamorphosis. "WaterWays" explores some of the artworks from the Rose collection that use water as subject, metaphor and muse.

The exhibited artists, in one way or another, have embraced that aspect of themselves through their work.  WaterWays features painting, photography, and installation by Fairfield Porter, John Marin, Annette Lemieux, Adolph Gottlieb, William Kentridge, and Gregory Crewdson, among others.  Some of the works on load include Clifford Ross, Andrew Neumann, among others.  
WaterWays is curated by The Rose Art Museum’s Director of Operations, William Roy Dawes.
Image Credit: William Kentridge: Tide Table, 2003. Animated film, 16 mm, 35mm and video with sound transferred to DVD, 5/8. Duration: 8 minutes 50 seconds