Erwin WurmErwin Wurm: I Love My Time, I Don't Like My Time

There are few artists in the world who have utilized the darkly comical potential of digital and performance art like Austrian-born Erwin Wurm who has gained an international reputation for challenging traditional notions of sculpture, photography, performance art and drawing. His classic One Minute Sculptures invite audiences to participate in the creation of temporary sculpture by using their bodies to interact with a variety of common objects according to the artist's instructional drawings. I Love my Time, I Don't Like my Time: Recent Works by Erwin Wurm is a comprehensive survey that highlights more than ten years of smart, beautiful and humorous production. The centerpiece of the exhibition, Wurm’s Fat House is an impossibly voluptuous edifice made to stand as a life-sized house. The piece incorporates I Love My Time, I Don't Like My Time, an animated video featuring Wurm's sculpture Fat Car, a cartoonish, blubbery depiction of a car. The car burbles on monotonously, laying out an array of contradictions and isolated yearnings that are disconnected non-sequiturs about the impact of our consumer culture.

The Rose Building, The Lois Foster Wing
April 27 – July 30, 2006

Image Credit: Erwin Wurm, Outdoor Sculpture Cahors, 1999, C-print, 73.2 x 49.8 inches.