At Brandeis, learning is connected — to great faculty teachers, mentors, fellow students and alumni. It’s fueled by your own passion and curiosity. And pursued with rigor, with academic standards set by faculty leaders in their fields.

Undergraduate student wearing a lab coat and mask and standing in a science lab along with two PhD students who are also wearing lab coats and masks.

Student Research

The Culture of Mentorship

All kinds of discoveries are possible in the lab, says Shoshana Reich ’21, when mentorship is part of the scientific method.
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Smiling undergraduate student sitting in front of a tree.

Student Research

The Curiosity Factor

Where are all the gay male standup comics? Anthropology major Jason Frank ’22 wanted to know.
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Smiling undergraduate student wearing a red sweater and green headscarf standing outside in front of what appears wooden bin filled with what appears to be flattened cardboard boxes.

Life After Brandeis

When Your Wildest Dreams are Outside Your Comfort Zone

Tamar Harrison ’20 landed a job at the CDC during a pandemic.
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Student Research

For the Love of Words and Numbers

English and math double major Max Weinstein ’21 is building the geometry of his future in dual passions.
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