Who qualifies as a transfer student?

A transfer applicant is any student who has graduated from high school or earned a high school equivalence and upon matriculation to Brandeis University will have completed at least one semester of credit (12 credits) earned at one or more accredited institutions, including four-year private and public colleges and universities, community and junior colleges, and international institutions. Students undertaking college-level coursework as part of their high school programs, or in order to satisfy high school diploma requirements, are eligible to enter as freshmen.

If I apply and am denied for the spring semester, may I reapply for the next fall semester?

No. The Common Application only allows students to create one application per cycle. In most cases, applications do not change enough in one semester to be reconsidered.

Is there a minimum GPA to be eligible to transfer?

No. However, competitive transfer applicants typically have a GPA of 3.3 or higher.

Are standardized tests required for transfer students?

SAT and/or ACT scores are recommended, but not required for transfer students. International transfer candidates who are not native speakers of English are required to submit scores from the TOEFL or IELTS.

Which of my credits will transfer?

Admitted transfer students will receive a preliminary credit evaluation shortly after receiving an offer of admission. In general, courses accepted for transfer credit must be comparable to courses taught at Brandeis in terms of their nature, scope and content. Students may transfer a maximum of 64 credits (four full-time semesters) to Brandeis.

How many credits must I complete at Brandeis as at transfer student?

Transfer students must complete a minimum of 64 credits (16 courses) in a minimum of four full-time fall or spring semesters at Brandeis. The average course load is 16 credits (four courses) per semester.

I attended Bard High School Early College. Are my courses eligible for transfer credit?

If you graduated from high school before attending Bard, or if you will not receive a high school diploma before transferring to Brandeis, Bard classes are eligible for numeric transfer credit. However, any courses that you took at Bard prior to your high school graduation date are eligible for "purpose credit" only. Courses counted for "purpose" can be applied toward general education requirements, but cannot be counted toward the minimum 64 credits needed for transfer students to graduate.

When are admissions decisions released?

Please see the transfer applicants page.

Are transfer students eligible for merit scholarships?

Admitted transfer students are only eligible for need-based financial aid.

Are transfer students eligible for need-based financial aid?

Yes. Brandeis strives to meet 100% of demonstrated financial need for all admitted students, including international students. Please keep in mind that the transfer admissions process at Brandeis is need-aware, meaning that a student's ability to pay is one of the many factors considered in an admissions decision. In order to be evaluated for admission, your financial aid application requirements must be completed. Please be advised that applications completed after the stated deadlines will only be considered for scholarship assistance if funds remain available.

Are interviews available for transfer students?

Yes. Transfer students are encouraged, but not required, to sign up for an on-campus interview that takes place in the spring. Off-campus interviews are not available for transfer students at this time. Applicants who are not able to interview are welcome to submit a statement in the Common Application’s “Additional Information” section if they would like to inform the admissions committee about anything else.

What if I have attended more than one college/university?

Please be especially diligent that all the necessary documents from each institution you attended arrive at Brandeis. Firstly, transfer candidates must submit the College Official’s Report  (pdf) from all colleges/universities attended as a degree-seeking student. Please be sure this form is filled out in its entirety, including the four questions on the bottom of the second page, as many college officials overlook this section. Secondly, applicants must submit an official transcript from all college/universities where credit was earned or attempted.

If I applied to Brandeis previously, do I have to submit a new application?

Yes. You must submit an entirely new application, including new transcripts and recommendation letters.

Can the application fee be waived?

Please contact the admissions office to request a fee waiver due to financial hardship.

If I graduated from high school years ago, must I still submit a high school transcript?

If your high school graduation date was more than 10 years ago, you may request a waiver of the high school transcript requirement. Please e-mail our office with the details to make this request. Please note that in place of a high school transcript, students must submit an additional statement outlining their activities (education, jobs, travel, personal responsibilities) since high school.

Is housing available for transfer students?

Housing availability for transfer students varies from year to year. Preference is given to students whose home addresses are outside of the US or Massachusetts. In some years, housing is very limited for transfer students.

May I defer enrollment to the following semester or year once I have been admitted?

No. Transfer students must enroll in the semester they have been admitted to, or reapply for a future enrollment date.

Do transfer students participate in orientation?

Yes, including some activities for transfers only.

Do I need to apply to my intended major?

Prospective transfer students submit an application to Brandeis University, not to a specific school or major. Brandeis offers a wide variety of majors and minors. Once on campus, transfer students meet with the Undergraduate Advising Head in their intended major to discuss previous coursework in that subject and requirements to complete the major. 

What if I want to major in Business?

Prospective transfer students who wish to major in business should read about the additional application process for the business major.

How do I receive more information about transferring to Brandeis?

We recommend that all prospective transfer students request additional information so that we can contact you with updates, reminders, and important information. In addition, we offer occasional transfer information sessions on campus so you can tour campus, learn about the transfer application process, and speak with a transfer admissions counselor.