Brandeis graduate students regularly receive fellowships and grants to support their MA and PhD research. This page lists funds available through Brandeis University (internal) as well as other associations (external) where students can apply for grants. You can also use this spreadsheet of fellowships to view and sort by application deadlines.

In the 2022-2023 academic year, more than twenty GSAS students received external fellowships or grants! They shared a range of advice for their peers. Alexandra Burkot, a Musicology PhD student who received a Schwarz Fellowship for Research on Music, said, "Ask people outside of your discipline to review your want to make sure that you are able to speak to multiple audiences without compromising your scholarship." Katherine Seavey, a Psychology PhD student who received a Larry J. Siegel Graduate Fellowship and an ATSA Pre-Doctoral Research Award, said, "I would suggest that people look for funding opportunities in their really specific area of research...[Doing] this made it feel like less work to frame my proposal to be relevant to the funding organization." And Alexandra Szabo, a History PhD student who received a Margee and Douglas Greenberg Research Fellowship, said, "Just apply without questioning yourself...embrace rejection because it helps in perfecting proposals and also in understanding that rejection in academia is not personal, it's part of the process." Check out the linked article for more information and great advice!

For a list of additional recent Brandeis recipients, see below.

Meredith Monaghan (, the Director of Academic Fellowships for the Academic Services team, supports students applying for Boren Fellowships, Fulbright Study/Research Abroad AwardsFulbright Hays, Fulbright IIE, Critical Languages Scholarship, and the Ford Foundation Fellowship Program. Email Meredith and set up a time to talk about preparing materials, especially personal statements and proposals.

The Mandel Center for the Humanities is currently providing exciting new funding opportunities for graduate students in the humanities, arts, and humanistic social sciences. These include research grants of up to $2,000dissertation writing retreats, and writing accountability groups for doctoral students. They also maintain a list of external funding opportunities (scroll down to the bottom of the page).

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