They’re here! Midyears arrive at Brandeis for orientation

Welcome home: Midyears and transfers join campus community

three students standing in a residence hall on move-in dayPhoto/Mike Lovett

Three hall-mates meet for the first time on Move-in Day

What’s a little cold weather on an otherwise wonderful day?

That was the scene at Brandeis on Sunday morning when the midyear Class of 2022 arrived on campus to move into the Village residence halls and kick off new undergraduate student orientation.

Temperatures hovered around 10 degrees for most of the day, though the frigid air was offset by the collective excitement of the midyear class, transfer students, orientation leaders (OLs), community advisors (CAs) and Brandeis staff.

“I’m just very happy to finally be here,” said Taylor Kincade ’22 from Dallas, Texas. “The weather isn’t even that bad. I’m just very excited to be here with everyone and to move into my own space.”

Twenty-three orientation leaders arrived in the Village courtyard early in the morning to meet midyear and transfer students. As cars pulled in, groups of OLs and CAs welcomed those inside. Then, with speed rivaling the best NASCAR pit crew, they helped unload a cornucopia of belongings from trunks.

Within minutes, OLs, CAs, students and their families brought a parade of suitcases, trunks, fridges, laptops, TVs, lampshades, and toiletries up the Village staircases as pop music played from the speakers.

“I was really impressed with how quickly everything got done,” said Noah Zeitlin ’22 from Westchester, New York. “It was all very efficient and the OLs were super helpful. I was able to set up my room and then get to know my neighbors in no time.”

Brandeis added 101 midyears and 21 transfers to its ranks on Sunday. The newest Brandeisians come from 11 countries and 20 states.

Up next for the new students is orientation, which features activities and events aimed at helping new students transition into academic and social life at Brandeis. It culminates on Wednesday, Jan. 16 as spring classes start.

“It was all a rush,” said Daniel Marsala ’22, who is from Manhattan. “Though it was cold, I’m just super excited and really loving everything so far. Now I’m excited to get to know my roommate and for all the new experiences.”

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