Each year we are excited to welcome 100 students to campus in January.

These midyear students are selected from the entire applicant pool and are notified of admission at the same time as students admitted for the fall.

Students may indicate on any of the three approved Brandeis applications their preference for a specific semester of entry (fall only, spring only, or either fall or spring); however, the admissions committee may not be able to honor all preferences. There are some students who may only indicate an interest in Fall but who may be offered a place in our Spring class.

Midyear students typically spend their fall semester in one of a variety of pursuits that they and their families feel will provide them with a productive and fulfilling experience before entering Brandeis. Some find jobs or internships, while others take classes at a college or university near their home. Some students have used the time to study in another part of the country or the world. The Brandeis community is vastly enriched when midyear students bring these experiences with them to campus.

Some midyear students have spent their fall semester:

  • On Capitol Hill working for their congressperson
  • Fundraising for worthy social-service organizations
  • Working in their synagogue or church
  • Volunteering or working in a hospital
  • Employed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York
  • As an emergency medical technician
  • With a local community-service organization doing service work
  • Volunteering on a kibbutz
  • Studying abroad in countries such as Israel, Italy, Switzerland, and China
  • Traveling through Europe—solo!
  • Running the family business

Fall Semester Abroad

For the adventurous, Brandeis works with several fall off-campus study programs that span the globe and are tailored specifically to meet your academic and social interests. From the United States to Europe, the fall semester is a wonderful time to explore different places and cultures.

Have questions? Contact Study Abroad Adviser Michelle Ranieri or another Study Abroad staff member at 781-736-3483.

Taking courses before enrolling at Brandeis

Midyear students may enroll in a nondegree-seeking program at a regionally accredited, degree-granting institution prior to matriculating at Brandeis. The Office of the University Registrar at Brandeis can help you determine, before you enroll in fall classes, whether you will receive credit for such coursework and whether those courses will fulfill Brandeis academic requirements.