Welcome Incoming Students!

Orientation at Brandeis is created by students for students. Orientation is coordinated by a small group of student leaders who work closely with the Director of Orientation and First Year Experience to create, plan and implement Orientation for new students. 

Your Orientation experience has two parts. For students joining us in August, first you will complete a series of virtual Orientation modules over the course of the summer. These will be sent to you via your Brandeis and personal email accounts.

In June, you will receive Module 1: Academic & Career Resources. You'll receive Module 2: Health, Safety & Wellbeing in July and Module 3: Getting Connected On and Around Campus in August. See the incoming students dates and deadlines for more information.

The second part of Orientation is the in-person program, which will begin Sunday, Aug. 27, with move-in.  New undergraduate students (first-year and transfer) will move onto campus Aug. 27 unless you are involved in a Pre-Orientation program or are on certain fall athletic teams (details about which athletes will move in early and about Pre-Orientation programs will be added in May). Orientation for all new undergraduate students will begin in the afternoon Sunday, Aug. 27, and continue through Wednesday, Aug. 30. The first day of classes will be on Thursday, Aug. 31. Incoming transfer students will have a separate Orientation, but it will occur within those dates. 

For Midyear students (those joining us in January), you will complete the same virtual modules during the fall: Module 1: Academic & Career Resources in October, Module 2: Health, Safety & Wellbeing in November, and Module 3: Getting Connected On Campus and Within the Surrounding Community in December. You will then join us for your in-person Midyear Orientation in January before the start of classes. There are some tasks you will need to complete beginning in May and over the course of the summer, while others you will complete during the fall.  See the incoming midyear students dates and deadlines for more information.

Whenever you arrive on-campus, our vibrant student leaders and friendly staff members will welcome you into the Brandeis community. Our Orientation Leaders (OLs) will serve as guides, resources and mentors to you throughout your first days at Brandeis and beyond. If you are living on campus, you will also meet your Community Advisor (CA), a returning student who lives in your residence hall.

Orientation will provide you with information, resources and relationships that will help ease your transition to life at Brandeis. The Department of Orientation and First Year Experience will serve as a resource beginning before your arrival and continuing during your official Orientation days and beyond. Along with this department, your OL's, CA, faculty and staff will be here for you whenever you need us.

Important Dates for August 2023 Admits 

  • Aug. 24: International Student Welcome Days Pre-Orientation & Student Support Services Program (SSSP) Pre-Orientation Move-In
  • Aug. 25: Myra Kraft Transition Year Program (MKTYP) Pre-Orientation and Optional Pre-Orientation programs Move-In
  • Aug. 27: New undergraduate student Move-In
  • Aug. 27-30: New undergraduate student Orientation

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