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The cover of the Winter issue of Brandeis Magazine

Have you ever wondered how memories are formed — and lost? Or how Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s gender litigation in the 1970s upended American law? Have you heard about the university’s Science 2A project?
Satisfy your curiosity with the Winter issue of Brandeis Magazine.
Meet leading Brandeis scientists in our cover story, “The Amber of Our Thoughts,” who are decoding memory and paving the way for Alzheimer’s and dementia treatments.
Learn how fine arts faculty member Sheida Soleimani’s highly personal — and intensely political — photo collages are capturing the art world. Plus, find out how she became Bird Girl.
Read a poignant remembrance of beloved sociology professor Gordie Fellman, who taught generations of Brandeis students over nearly six decades.
Plus, catch up on campus news and events, connect with classmates and friends, and peruse our virtual bookshelf.

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