Photos: Jack Yuanwei Cheng '23 captures fall on campus

Sun shines through leaves of a treePhoto/Jack Yuanwei Cheng '23

The sun shines through a tree's changing leaves.

Jack Yuanwei Cheng '23 is a student writer and content creator for the Office of Communications at Brandeis.

Fall is my favorite season to photograph. So, as the leaves started to change color, I took my camera with me for a tour around campus.

campus foliage and student throwing frisbee
Photo/Jack Yuanwei Cheng '23

A group of students played Frisbee Chapel's Field surrounded by stunning fall colors.

campus foliage and people on a bench
Photo/Jack Yuanwei Cheng '23

Family Weekend brought parents, siblings, and an array of lively events to campus on October 29 and 30. It also coincided with great weather.

Delivery robot on a path with foliage in background
Photo/Jack Yuanwei Cheng '23


Starship, the robot food delivery service on campus, got spooky! I don’t know if this was an official sticker, but I like it. 















Gold-yellow tree on campus at sunset
Photo/Jack Yuanwei Cheng '23

When the scenery is good, there is no need for a fancy camera. I took this on my way to class last week with my phone. 

Students sit on bench in fellows garden
Photo/Jack Yuanwei Cheng '23

Students took their study sessions to Fellows Garden to enjoy the excellent weather on Saturday. 

Photo/Jack Yuanwei Cheng '23


Foliage and the light of reason
Photo/Jack Yuanwei Cheng '23
The leaves turned golden-orange behind the Light of Reason and the Rose Art Museum.
Campus walking path with fall colors
Photo/Jack Yuanwei Cheng '23

Students made their way past the changing leaves near the library on Sunday. 

Brandeis statue with leaves on ground
Photo/Jack Yuanwei Cheng '23
Fallen leaves were scattered on the lawn next to the Louis Brandeis statue.
science complex foliage
Photo/Jack Yuanwei Cheng '23



A tree near the science complex clung to its remaining leaves. Looks like it's almost time to rake!

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