Biologist Christine Grienberger named 2023 Pew Scholar

Christine GrienbergerPhoto/Jörg Meyer

Christine Grienberger

Christine Grienberger, assistant professor of biology, has been selected as a 2023 Pew Scholar in Biomedical Sciences.

The Pew Scholars Program provides funding to early-career, junior faculty whose scientific research offers promise to the advancement of human health. Recipients are awarded $75,000 in research funding per year for a four-year period. It is considered one of the country's most prestigious research awards for early career investigators in the life sciences.

Grienberger's research seeks a deeper understanding of the synaptic, cellular, and circuit-level computations that allow the brain to produce complex adaptive behaviors by studying a network of connected brain areas known to be essential for spatial learning. She will use the grant to study the complex neural computations that drive experience-based learning.

Grienberger is among 22 awardees this year, and joins more than 1,000 scientists who have received awards from the Pew Scholars Program since 1985. Scholars are offered opportunities to meet annually, share ongoing research, and exchange perspectives across the health sciences field.

Past Pew Scholars from Brandeis include: Susan Birren (1996), Bruce Goode (2001), Dani Nicastro (2007), Avi Rodal (2013), Amy Lee (2018), and Alex Bisson (2021) are all Pew Scholars.

The program is overseen by The Pew Charitable Trusts, a global non-governmental organization that aims to improve public policy by conducting rigorous analysis, inform the public by providing useful data on issues shaping the world, and encourage democratic participation.

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