Professor Sara Shostak wins award from Urban Farming Institute of Boston

November 27, 2023

Sociology and Health: Science, Society and Policy professor Sara Shostak received the "Sowing Seeds of Success Award" from the Urban Farming Institute of Boston.

In receiving this honor, Shostak shed a light on collaborations with her students. She called out her 2016 capstone class, whose interviews with elderly community members active in green spaces and urban farms contributed to the course's co-authored Fit Around the Farm Study.

"In 2015, at an Urban Agriculture Working Group meeting at the Charlton Public Library, Pat made a comment about wanting to find university partnerships for UFI," said Shostak. "My first thought was, 'whoever gets to work with UFI is so lucky!' and, indeed, I have been. Learning from UFI over the years has been such an honor and so important, both for me and for my students."