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June 17, 2024

Don’t forget to pack the latest issue of Brandeis Magazine, wherever your summer plans take you.

In our cover story, “Talking Past Each Other,” Daniel Estrin ’06, NPR’s international correspondent in Jerusalem, offers a first-person account of the Israeli-Hamas war’s toll on individual Israelis and Palestinians.

The issue also includes two features that focus on recent surveys by Brandeis faculty. In “We Must Not Lose Hope,” pollster and Crown Center senior fellow Khalil Shikaki talks with Palestinians living in Gaza and the West Bank to understand how the current conflict is shaping their public opinions.

And in “The Crisis of Antisemitism on College Campuses,” Len Saxe, director of the Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies, surveys Jewish students on 51 American college campuses about their experience of antisemitism in the wake of the war.

In an entirely different kind of story — “Brandeis on The Air” — about the power of campus radio, you’ll discover how WBRS continues to inspire high-wattage devotion among its DJs and listeners, even in the internet age.

Finally, “Rooms of Their Own” will introduce you to Shakespeare’s “sisters,” four Renaissance women whose literary prowess was ignored for centuries, until English professor Ramie Targoff gave them the spotlight they deserve in her acclaimed new book. 

As always, enjoy Class Notes, new books by our faculty and alumni, campus news and much more.

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