Related Programs

Near Eastern and Judaic Studies
Brandeis has one of the strongest and largest departments of Near Eastern and Judaic Studies (NEJS) outside of Israel. NEJS faculty examine a wide variety of fields, including the Bible and the ancient Near East, the modern Middle East, Jewish civilization from its inception through contemporary times, as well as Christianity and Islam. Courses are taught at many levels and introduce a wide variety of scholarly approaches, including historical, textual, sociological and literary.

Brandeis University-Middlebury School of Hebrew
Opened in the summer of 2008, the Brandeis University-Middlebury School of Hebrew brings together the best of two worlds—the time-tested Hebrew-in-Hebrew curriculum developed at Brandeis, and the total immersive environment of the Middlebury Language Schools.

Brandeis Hebrew Language Summer Institute

The nationally acclaimed Brandeis University Hebrew Language Program is one of the largest modern Hebrew programs in the United States. It has assumed a leadership role in the teaching and learning of Hebrew and in the development of Hebrew proficiency guidelines, new curricula, and authentic comprehension materials. The program is staffed by dedicated instructors with an average 15 years of teaching experience. Each of these uniquely qualified instructors also contributes expertise in a specialized aspect of Israeli culture and Hebrew language including theater, film and literature.

Hornstein Hornstein Jewish Professional Leadership Program
The Hornstein Program trains students to meet the challenges of a fast-changing Jewish community. It prepares the next generation of Jewish leaders for service in North American and international Jewish organizations.