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Artist Talk:  Omer Fast
Tuesday, September 17
4:00 pm
Wasserman Cinematheque

Omer Fast: 5000 Feet is the Best


Omer Fast: 5000 Feet Is the Best, is a 30-minute cinematic video work that opens up a discussion about one of the most pressing issues of today—drone surveillance and warfare.  The film stems from a series of conversations the artist conducted with a former U.S. Air Force Predator Drone operator now working in Las Vegas as a casino security guard, who reflects on his daily duties and the psychological effects of live-fire missions in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The film weaves together vignettes of original footage from these interviews with their fictional re-staging.  The project’s title refers to the ‘optimum’ firing position of the drone plane.

Through his videos, Fast, born 1972, absorbs contemporary culture; video games, slick  Hollywood narratives, government concealment, and the privatization of warfare, and creates elliptical and haunting accounts of the cost of war, while refusing to moralize or judge. 

5000 Feet Is the Best is on view in the Mildred S. Lee Gallery from September 17, 2013 - November 3, 2013.

Please note that the Mildred S. Lee Gallery will be closed from 1 - 3 pm on Saturday, October 26th.

Omer Fast,  5000 Feet Is the Best, 2011.  Courtesy of gb agency, Paris, and Arratia Beer, Berlin.