Brandeis continues to affirm the critical role played by the humanities in preparing students for a rapidly evolving world. As an extension of this commitment, we will select up to 40 of the most intellectually promising admitted students for our Humanities Fellowship. The global, interconnected nature of our society requires scholars with the ability to think both critically and empathetically. We believe there is tremendous value in engaging with the ideas, texts, images, languages, and cultures that have shaped human experience.

The Humanities Fellowship Program strives to expose students to the rigors of academic research and the tremendous possibility and potential inherent in the humanities disciplines. Participants will receive an annual scholarship, work directly with Humanities faculty, and delve into leading-edge scholarship through special programming. Fellows will be given a unique opportunity to deepen their understanding of the human condition, sharpen their critical analysis skills, and raise their academic profile. This makes the program particularly relevant for those interested in pursuing a graduate degree. However, our fellowship aims beyond the individual to the cultivation of a community of scholars, where fellows engage and collaborate across disciplinary boundaries.

Perks of the Program

  • A $500 stipend toward an approved experiential learning opportunity in the humanities. This can include an internship, research, or study abroad experience.
  • A rigorous keystone seminar, which bridges multiple disciplines within the humanities and examines classical texts from fresh perspectives. The keystone seminar will satisfy Brandeis’ Undergraduate Writing Seminar (UWS) Requirement. In the Fall 2020 semester, two courses will be offered: Epic Literature, taught by Professor Laura Quinney and Tragedy: Love and Death in the Creative Imagination, taught by Professor John Burt and Professor Steve Dowden.
  • Access to some of our most revered humanities faculty members as mentors and advisors.
  • Private faculty lead tours of Boston’s finest cultural institutions each semester
  • Access to student mentors serving as Humanities Undergraduate Departmental Representatives or undertaking honor theses in the humanities.
  • Priority advising from the Office of Study Abroad. This includes personalized information sessions and advising for students interested in applying to study at Oxford University or on the Brandeis in Siena summer study abroad program in Fine Arts.
  • Salon-style events intended to bring Fellows together for critical discussions with their faculty mentors, graduate students, and visiting scholars in the Humanities.
  • Invitations to lectures and events at the Mandel Center for Humanities
  • Optional spring semester Humanities seminar course for first-years.
  • Optional "Senior Salon" Capstone Course for senior Humanities Fellows, culminating with a "poster session" at our dinner in April.

Program Details:

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Faculty Mentors

Affiliated Faculty: The following faculty will serve as academic advisors and actively engage in the Humanity Fellows Community.

How to be considered

Students do not need to apply for this honor. The Admissions Committee and departmental representatives will automatically consider students during our review period. Recipients will be selected based on a holistic review of their academic accomplishments and demonstrated commitment to the humanities. Fellows will be notified of their award shortly after the admission decision notification date, April 1.

Program Requirements

In order to maintain their funding and membership in the fellowship, fellows must:

  • Remain in good academic standing
  • Maintain a minimum of a 3.0 GPA
  • Participate in the Humanities Keystone Seminar their first semester on campus