Class Correspondent

Dvora (Langenauer) Callahan writes, “I sparked a Mod 23 e-reunion in December 2010. Inspired by a Reunion 2011 reminder, I sent an email to my old Foster Modmates (Bob Cohen, Brenda Goldstein, Danny Harman, Marty Kupferberg and Ruth Landsman) to ask who might be planning to attend. A flurry of communication and several corrected e-mail addresses later, we had located long-lost Brenda (still in California) and all promised to do our best to get to Waltham for some part of the weekend. Ruth managed to track down some pictures of the last time we were together in 1991.”

Alan Fink has served as a vice president at XL Global since 2005. He’s a health/fitness advocate and motivational speaker for treatment of obesity and weight-loss surgery.

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