Class Correspondent

Calling all classmates! News from the Class of 1983 has been sparse of late. We are all busy bringing honor to our families and our alma mater. Report in, folks, and tell your classmates and all the rest of Brandeisia what our special class is made of. Have you survived a layoff? Taken up a new hobby? Traveled to Omaha recently? Do you grow your own vegetables hydroponically? Are you wearing your shoes on the wrong feet just for the fun of it? Do we have a grandparent in our midst yet? People out there are interested to hear from you. Write in soon.

Michael Tierce, co-chair of the Labor and Employment Department at Stevens & Lee in Philadelphia, presented on labor law issues at a Pennsylvania Bar Institute program in December 2010. Michael has been involved in employment litigation, counseling employers and labor management relations for more than 20 years.

Gary Cohen was appointed president and CEO of Timex Group. Prior to joining Timex, he was global general manager/vice president of Playtex, a business unit of Energizer Holdings. His achievements at Playtex included helping to acquire the Hawaiian Tropic Sun Care brand and expand it internationally. He also worked at Gillette, where he doubled the size of the Oral-B business in a six-year period and launched Gillette’s most successful razor, Mach3.

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