The Jewish Experience: Exploring what it means to be Jewish today

A rabbi plays a shofar
What does it mean to be a Jew? Why is antisemitism on the rise? How is the relationship between diaspora Jews and Israel evolving?
Brandeis has launched a new website devoted to discussing these and other pressing issues facing Jews today.
The Jewish Experience features research by Brandeis’ world-class faculty, articles on history, culture and traditions and profiles of students and alumni who are leading Jewish organizations and practicing tikkun olam - using one’s intellectual and material gifts to help heal the world - on campus and beyond. 
On the site right now:
The site was inspired by the Framework for the Future, which lays out the strategic vision for the university. 
“Brandeis, as the only secular American university founded by Jews, remains fully committed to supporting the Jewish community, in all its diversity, and Jewish traditions,” the Framework states. "(Brandeis will be) the place American Jewry turn to engage the most pressing issues facing Jews and Judaism.”
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