Brandeis University is at an important crossroads in its 72-year history. Founded by the American Jewish community on the principles of academic excellence and openness in admissions and hiring practices, Brandeis has achieved an inspiring degree of success — not just as a young university committed to educating undergraduates in the liberal arts but also as a major research institution. The Framework provides a scaffolding for the university's future. It is rooted in the institution's history and builds upon its unique place in higher education.

The Framework is the result of more than three years of broad consultations with focus groups, including prospective students, current students, alumni, faculty, staff, trustees, friends, and parents. It is also based on responses from multiple alumni surveys; information gleaned from 30 "self-reflection" documents written by faculty and administrators; and the work of four task forces, composed of 11 working groups, which forwarded for consideration more than 250 recommendations.

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“For more than 70 years, our institution has been guided and inspired by the words of our namesake, Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis: “If we would guide by the light of reason, we must let our minds be bold.” The Framework for the Future is a bold plan for Brandeis University — one that challenges us to build upon our history, strengths, and institutional ethos for the coming decade.”

Ronald D. Liebowitz