Introduction to Degree Requirements

Brandeis offers the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science degrees. A student may earn only one undergraduate degree. Students who declare a major that offers a Bachelor of Science track must specify which degree is sought (the B.A. or B.S.) when the major is declared. Diplomas specify the degree earned, any honors awarded (Latin and/or departmental) and completed majors.

All candidates for a bachelor's degree, regardless of date of entrance to Brandeis, must satisfactorily complete a major, a writing requirement, a foreign language requirement, a group of courses designed to provide a strong foundation in general education and the physical education requirement. No courses used to fulfill any general university requirement may be taken on the pass/fail grading option. No more than one course (and never the final one) in the foreign language sequence may be taken pass/fail if the language is being offered in satisfaction of the foreign language requirement.

Students will follow a curriculum that features requirements in foreign language, writing, oral communication, quantitative reasoning, non-Western and comparative studies and a program of general foundation courses; the section at the back of this Bulletin with the patterned edge contains the courses that will satisfy these requirements. Clarification regarding university degree requirements may always be obtained from the Office of the University Registrar.