Faculty Research

Check out the game-changing research being conducted in Brandeis labs and in the field.

stacks of films

“These materials are part of our national heritage. It’s critical they’re widely available.” - James Pustejovsky, the TJX Feldberg Professor of Computer Science

Goofy guy smelling

New research by psychology professor Don Katz and his lab suggests our senses of smell have a lot more to do with what happens in our mouths than commonly thought.

projector lights

Assistant professor of chemistry Grace Han and her lab take steps towards the next generation of electronic materials 1,000 times thinner than silicon transistors and mountable on graphene, a transparent, flexible material.

The Take

Listen to The Take, where Seth Fraden explains how robot eels, muscle shirts and active matter will revolutionize the future.

John Plotz

John Plotz is professor of English who recently published a book about what happens when you're half lost in a work of art called Semi-Detached: The Aesthetics of Virtual Experience since Dickens. Plotz was interviewed about the book on the Bookings Podcast.

Check out Plotz' podcast on books that shaped the world we inherited, Recall This Book.