Faculty Research

Check out the game-changing research being conducted in Brandeis labs and in the field.

Wangui Muigai

Muigai details the strategies Black communities have pursued to protect their youngest and how these efforts have figured in struggles for freedom, civil rights and racial justice.


Han's lab focuses on the light-matter interaction in a variety of material systems ranging from photo-switching molecules to inorganic 2D crystals. Particularly, Han's research group investigates light-induced phase change and molecular arrangement in pursuit of energy storage systems which interact with photons.

ancient Athens

A new paper co-authored by environmental studies lecturer Charles Chester and seven others strives to explain the effectiveness of a network network and non-profit organization that aims to create a system of connected wild lands and waters stretching about 2,100 miles, from the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem to Canada’s Yukon Territory.


These findings emphasize the need to significantly expand naloxone distribution in most states, ideally through community-based programs and more broadly through pharmacies, as well as the need for increased harm reduction measures that reduce the likelihood of unwitnessed overdoses.


VIDEO: Thousands of feet below the earth's surface, Brandeis scientists participated in an international search for the stuff that makes up most of the universe.