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The findings have far-reaching implications for understanding the evolution of complexity from extremely primitive creatures to the human species, and for novel approaches to cancer therapy.

People running in Zombie film

The difference between a plague film like “Panic in the Streets” and the ever-popular zombie apocalypse genre is that the former scenario can really happen — as we’ve found out.

Charles Golden at dig site

Little is known about how mid-size Maya realms maneuvered and managed to persist in the face of constant hostilities from more powerful kingdoms, and Associate professor of anthropology Charles Golden and his colleagues plan to find out.


SemViz, an artificial intelligence platform, can be the roadmap that scientists use to sort through the large amounts of research on COVID-19 to find functions and relationships.

science building

Brandeis ranks fifth globally in output of top-quality research in the natural sciences, according to Nature, one of science’s most prestigious journals. In its annual survey of institutions with the highest research output, the Nature Index Annual Tables, the journal described the top-tier institutions as “punching above their weight in producing high-quality research."