Did You Know?

Nearly 400 students from more than 70 countries work and study together at the business school complex, which includes the Lemberg Academic Center and the Sachar International Center.

Brandeis International Business School

The Brandeis International Business School is global in scope, intimate in scale, and intellectually rigorous. It provides a transformational education to a widely diverse student body, preparing them to take up leadership positions in corporations and public institutions in the rapidly changing global economy. Nearly 400 students from more than 70 countries study at the school and learning is much enriched by the breadth of experience they bring to the classroom.

The school's three academic core disciplines – business, economics, and finance – are taught in the context of the global economy and address the complex challenges decision-makers face as they work in cross-border and cross-cultural business environments. They each embody the academic rigor that is expected of a Brandeis education and differentiates the International Business School from others that are more narrowly management-focused. An increasing emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship at the school also offers graduates tools to take advantage of new opportunities in emerging technology-driven sectors.

Finally, firmly rooted in Brandeis tradition and responding to the demand for greater responsibility in the business world, the school’s curriculum reflects the importance of community, accountability, and respect for the environment.

Master of Arts in International Economics and Finance Program
The Master of Arts in International Economics and Finance is a two-year professional degree designed to develop analytical expertise in international finance, economics, and business for students planning careers in finance or economic policy.

MBA Program
The MBA at Brandeis IBS is a two-year professional degree and offers in-depth preparation in all business and management functions. Graduates from Brandeis holding the MA in International Economics and Finance degree may earn the Brandeis IBS MBA with additional course work at Brandeis, a minimum of 16 credits and a capstone project. Graduates with 2 or more years of relevant work experience may apply for this option.

MSF Program
The Master of Science in Finance is a 16-month full-time program for working professionals seeking to develop skills in financial theory, practice and analysis with an international focus.

PhD Program
The PhD prepares students for careers in research, consulting, university-level teaching, and policy-making in the fields of international trade, finance, business, and development/transition economics.

Combined BA/MA Programs
Brandeis and Wellesley undergraduate students may apply for admission to a special BA/MA track within the MAief program in the spring of their third year. They begin taking program courses in their fourth year and satisfy the master's degree requirement in one additional year of study at the graduate level after receiving their BA degrees.