How large is the midyear class?

Brandeis enrolls approximately 100 midyear students each academic year.

When do midyear students graduate?

Many midyear students are able to graduate after seven semesters at Brandeis if they take courses at another institution during the fall after high school. Other students choose to remain at Brandeis for the full eight semesters in order to complete all their academic pursuits. The choice of when to graduate, like the choice of how to spend the fall semester, is a personal one.

Can members of the midyear class take courses at another college during the fall semester before entering Brandeis?

Absolutely. Midyear students, like all Brandeis students, may enroll in a non-degree-seeking program before matriculating at Brandeis. The registrar’s office at Brandeis can help you determine whether you will receive credit for such coursework and whether those courses will fulfill your program’s academic requirements.  

Do midyear students get credit for Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate and college-level courses taken while in high school?

Yes. Midyear students are no different from those admitted for the fall term. All Brandeis students are able to receive credit for these courses. For a complete list of courses applicable for transfer credit, review the University Registrar's website.

What housing opportunities are available for midyear students?

All midyear students are guaranteed housing in a university residence hall. Brandeis makes every effort to place midyear students together, either as roommates or neighbors on the same hall. Housing assignments will be made in November.

Can midyear admission be deferred for a semester?

All admission offers at Brandeis are deferrable for a full year only. As such, Midyear students must start at Brandeis in the month of January.

Will members of the midyear class be considered for financial aid?

Yes, provided they completed and submitted the CSS/Financial Aid Profile by the February 1 deadline.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact one of the offices below.

Campus Office Phone Number
Academic Services 781-736-3470
Athletics 781-736-3668
Community Living 781-736-5060
Hiatt Career Center 781-736-3618
Orientation 781-736-5074
Student Financial Services 781-736-3700
Student Life 781-736-3600
Study Abroad 781-736-3483
Undergraduate Admissions 781-736-3500
University Registrar 781-736-2010