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Overview of Midyear Programs

Two students standing in front of the cityscape in Florence, Italy

Brandeis Midyears on the CET Midyear in Florence program in Fall 2023.

There are many opportunities available for Midyear students to take part in during their fall semester before arriving at Brandeis. Brandeis works with fall off-campus study programs organized by trusted study abroad partners that are tailored specifically to meet your academic and social interests. The fall semester is a wonderful time to explore different places and cultures.

The Office of Study Abroad at Brandeis University encourages Brandeis Midyears to consider one of these programs as part of their planning for their fall semester before starting classes at Brandeis in January. These programs with Arcadia University and CET Academic Programs have been designed with Brandeis Midyears specifically in mind. On these programs, Brandeis Midyears can not only have a unique first semester of college, but they can continue to make progress towards their Brandeis degree.

Other highlights of these programs include:

  • Earn a full semester of transfer credit
  • Complete your first-year University Writing Seminar (UWS) requirement
  • Fulfill other Brandeis University Core Requirements
  • Start or continue Italian language to make progress toward the World Languages and Cultures Requirement (Florence only)
  • Engage in a new culture and experience living in a major metropolitan city
  • Connect and form bonds with other entering Brandeis Midyears

Do you have questions about how a fall Midyear program will fit into your Brandeis experience? Please feel free to contact Ari Kramer, Assistant Director of Study Abroad, or call 781-736-3483.

London, U.K.

Brandeis students on the London eye

Brandeis Midyears on the London Eye during the fall 2021 semester.

Brandeis Midyears may attend a fall program in London through the College of Global Studies at Arcadia University.

Midyears will enroll in four courses, including a first-year writing seminar. Courses will be offered by the Arcadia center and two local institutions in areas such as history, art history, literature, psychology, international relations and economics. Students will participate in research workshops and discussion groups and tour renowned libraries.

In addition, students will participate in excursions in and around London and engage with the local environments through guided community service opportunities. Scholarships are available.

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Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy

Florence is home to Brandeis Midyears participating on the CET Midyear in Florence program.

Launch your Brandeis career in Florence, Italy. CET Academic Programs, a leading study abroad program provider, offers Brandeis Midyear students the chance to spend their fall semester in Florence.

Students take five courses while studying and living in one of the world’s most captivating cities. Classes include Italian language, a first-year writing seminar and three electives in fields such as art history, political science and economics. The program brings learning outside the classroom by arranging an extensive array of activities.

Students can go on a hike and picnic through the Chianti countryside, participate in city charity walks and join in local soccer tournaments.

Note: This program is only open to students who will be 18 or older by August 2024.

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Student Experience

Skye Spinner on a boat along the river in Florence
Program: Midyear Semester in Florence, Italy

As a Midyear student, Skye Spinner spent her fall semester taking courses in Florence, Italy, before continuing her academic pursuits on the Brandeis campus in the spring.

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