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arrowAcademic Careers

First Time on the Market?” appearing in the Chronicle of Higher Education

University of Chicago’s Career and Academic Planning Center
Yale University Career Center Academic Job Search Guide

UPenn Career Services has excellent resources for academic and non-academic job searching

Preparing Future Faculty/Council of Graduate Studies Resources

Community College Jobs: The Graduate College at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Career Services

arrowNon-Academic Careers

"Where to Find Information on Nonacademic Careers" appearing in the Chronicle of Higher Education


UPenn Career Services has excellent resources for academic and non-academic job searching

Humanities and Social Sciences
Versatile PhD
: The Versatile Ph.D. mission is to help humanities and social science Ph.D.s and graduate students identify and prepare for possible non-academic careers.

Association of Departments of English

Beyond Academia: Career Options for PhDs in the Humanities and Social Sciences

UPenn Career Services: Expanded Career Opportunities For PhDs in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Applied Sociology: "Forging a Career Outside the Tenure Track" by Katrina Kimport, Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health Program   

Mathematics and Sciences
ScienceCareers.org: Comprehensive website for Ph.D.s in mathematics, engineering, and science.

Putting Your Degree to Work: Practical Career Strategies of Scientists by Peter Fiske. Peter Fiske, Ph.D., is a nationally-renowned speaker, and author of Put Your Science to Work: The Take-Charge Career Guide for Scientists.

: Biology and Biotechnology jobs

American Mathematical Society: Job listings and fellowship information for graduate students and Ph.D.s.

American Statistical Association: Job listings in research, government, and industry settings that typically require an advanced degree in Math and/or Statistics.

Research Institutes and ThinkTanks: National Institute for Research Advancement links to research institutes in more than 50 countries.

Computer Science/IT

Boston Area Game Development

IEEE Job Board

Association for Computing Machinery Job Board

Computational Linguistics Job Board

Computational Linguistics Internships 



Beyond Academe: Produced by and for historians, the tips on this site can also be helpful for more general audiences.

Careers for Students of History (from the American Historical Association)

Career Diversity for Historians (from the American Historical Association)

: Position listings in private industry and academia.

Classical Music Jobs (US and International listings) 

Berkleemusic.com is the first online school, job site, and networking destination for the music industry


The APA's "Interesting Careers in Psychological Science Series"

arrowK-12 Teaching

Brandeis Education Department job search resources (updated weekly)

SchoolSpring: employment source for educators

Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

MERC Education Job Fair (recruiters from schools nationwide in Boston) 

Bridgewater State University career resources

Association of Independent Schools New England Job Listings

National Association of Independent Schools Job Board

National Alliance for Public Charter Schools Job Board

arrowJewish Education (K-12):

Jewish Education Jobs

Jewish Jobs