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Career Communities connect alumni, employers, and friends of Brandeis with students, faculty and staff in creating industry-specific communities. Members of the career communities will interact, communicate and engage, both digitally and in-person. The communities serve as a hub for current graduate students to access industry-specific resources, along with skills in networking, career discovery and professional development. Alumni, employers, and friends will volunteer expertise and professional advice in a variety of ways to students, faculty and the greater Brandeis GSAS community.

Once you sign up for a community (or two), you will be invited to exclusive events, networking opportunities, and resources that will let you dive right in.


Many people entering MA and PhD programs want to pursue a career in academia as a professor or researcher. This community will provide the resources you need to best prepare yourself for an increasingly competitive job market.

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Going on the job market this year? Sign up for our year-long, non-credit course on Navigating the Academic Job Market. In this course, we will take you through preparing your CV and teaching statement, getting strong letters of recommendation, the art of the job talk and the on-campus visit, negotiating your first salary, and what to do if your first job market year is unsuccessful. Open to all ABD students.

Consulting and Business

With your analytic and research skills, you may be interested in a career in business. Your ability to ask critical questions and solve problems makes you a valuable asset to many companies, or you could just start your own! Sign up for this community if you want to explore out-of-the-box ways to leverage your graduate-level skills, from consulting to entrepreneurship and everything in between.

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Education and Curriculum Development

Many of our graduate students go on to careers in education that are outside of traditional academe. Educational technology, instructional design, curriculum development, textbook publishing and content creation are all growing fields that need candidates with research and teaching experience. If you are interested in seeing how you can apply your skills in other education fields, this is the community for you.

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Government and Public Sector

Brandeis students have a strong sense of justice and public good. This can make government sector, non-profit, and other public service careers a great choice post-graduation. If you want to use your advanced training to make a difference on a big scale, think about how you can serve your community in one of these fields. Your ability to combine big picture thinking with a detail-oriented work style makes you a great asset.

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Your scientific skills are just the tip of the iceberg when thinking about transferable skills sought by employers. One of the top skills employers look for is the ability to work effectively as part of a team. For many positions you need the ability to communicate effectively to a wide audience, as well as project, lab, people or budget management skills.

Brandeis graduate students from the sciences work in many different and interesting areas. Some of these include science communication, technology transfer, science policy, research management, regulatory affairs, data science and more. Read about some of these options and sign up for this community to learn more.

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Technology, Engineering and Data

Do you enjoy, solving complex problems, collecting and interpreting data, computation, discovery, development, research or innovation? Technology is often thought as a stand-alone industry, but it has a place in virtually every other industry today including health, science, education, finance and banking, energy, entertainment, and more. The exciting thing about technology is that you use a wide variety of skill sets and things are constantly changing. Brandeis graduate alumni work in positions that include technology development scientists, principal learning architects, quality control managers, language annotation program managers, international informatics project managers, and data scientists.

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