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Ace the Interview

Congratulations on making it to the interview stage! Interviews are the time for an organization to decide if you are a good fit for the position in terms of skill, personality, and goals. It is important to be as prepared as possible for an interview, as nerves can derail you. Here are some helpful resources:

About Salary Negotiation...

1) Do your research: Know the standard salary range for your field based on education and experience level. You can speak to trusted friends, or use salary.com, payscale.com, or glassdoor.com.

2) Don’t assume that you have to negotiate! If the salary offered is fair, it is not always necessary to ask for more.

3) Practice: Do a mock interview and walk through the conversation with a career advisor so you can feel more comfortable interacting with employers. Make an appointment to meet with a GSAS Career Advisor.

4) When to bring it up: Avoid salary negotiations until an actual offer is made. If you are asked about salary requirements, say something like “Based on my research, with the combination of my skills and experience, I would be comfortable in the____ to ____ range.”

5) What should you say? If you have been made an offer and you would like to accept but feel you deserve a higher salary, say something like: “Thank you so much for the offer. I would be excited to bring my skills and talents to your organization. Based upon my research, I would anticipate a salary somewhat higher than that range due to my experience in ­­­_______ and my ______ skills. Is there room for flexibility?” Be prepared for a yes or a no answer.

6) Negotiation can go beyond salary: If the financial offer is fixed, you can try to work with vacation time, healthcare benefits, work from home time, parking and transportation benefits, or moving expenses.

7) Remember: Be professional, enthusiastic, and confident!

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